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Notary Bulletin

Hotline Tip: Question Regarding A Power Of Attorney Notarization

Say I have a loan document, and a person with power of attorney appears before me to sign. He or she signs their name and also signs the other borrower’s name as attorney in fact, along with their name. In the notarial section, do I leave both names and notarize, or do I remove the name of the person that did not appear?

FHA Expands Electronic Signature Program

The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) announced last week that it is significantly expanding the number of electronically signed documents it will allow lenders to accept.

Hotline Tip: Notarizing A Will

A client came in to my office requesting two notarizations: one, an amendment to an existing will that included “subscribed and sworn” wording for a jurat notarization; the other, a will that was to be dated and then signed and dated at the bottom.

Etiquette For Notary Bloggers, Posters And Social Media Sharers

Since the mortgage industry slow down over the last couple of months, several Notaries have taken to writing blogs, exchanging comments on social media sites and posting on individual website forums. When you first start posting, like anything else, there is a trial-and-error-period while you learn what you should and should not do.

Quiz: The Many Types Of Notarial Acts

Notaries perform many different duties for the public — and it’s easy to lose track of the different acts and what states they’re authorized in. Test your familiarity with common — and uncommon — notarial acts.