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What Would You Do: The Case Of Soccer Mom's Missing ID

Where-s-my-ID.jpgThe NNA Hotline receives hundreds of calls daily from Notaries nationwide who find themselves in challenging signing situations. To help boost your knowledge of Notary Best Practices, we have created a series of scenarios based on actual signings, and ask you to weigh in on what you would do if faced with a similar situation.

The Case Of The Soccer Mom’s Missing ID

As the co-owner of an independent mailbox store in a small town, you are familiar with many of the customers that come through your doors. Such is the case when a customer comes in one afternoon needing an important document notarized. She’s a regular, and you also know her on a first name basis outside of the store, as your kids go to school together. Unfortunately, she has no acceptable form of identification with her. You explain that as a Notary, you are not authorized to perform the notarization if the signer lacks proper identification.

“But you know me,” says the potential signer. “I’m in here all the time. We’ve cheered on the high school bleachers together!”

At that moment, a fellow “soccer mom” walks in. You both know her. The signer asks you: “Sally can tell you who I am. Does that help?”

You want to help the signer, and you certainly don’t want to lose the future business from both regular clients, but the question is: Can you perform this notarization? If so, how? [Hint: The answer may vary from state to state.]

What Would You Do?

To participate in this week’s “What Would You Do?” scenario, share your answer with the NNA Facebook Community. We may mention your response in next week’s Bulletin, when we offer the best possible answer(s) to this common notarial challenge.

Kelle Clarke is a Contributing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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