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Experienced NSAs Discover Valuable New Opportunities At Conference


NNA 2013 Conference has a special appeal for veteran NSAs wanting to expand their training and education — and discover new ways to increase their income.

One of the “don’t miss” opportunities is an evening networking event on Monday, June 3, which for the first time is bringing key individuals from the largest employers of NSAs in the country to meet directly with conference attendees. A dozen of the top mortgage lenders and title companies will be represented, with executive-level personnel answering questions and recruiting new Signing Agents.

That’s only the starting point. Conference has a full menu of benefits:

  • Discover professional sales tactics that really work, including growing your business through sales calls and presentations, identifying new prospects, cold calling and following up on leads.
  • Learn how to manage your books and collect for services. This workshop summarizes intermediate bookkeeping techniques and software options, how to estimate payment expectations, how to and how not to inquire about payments, plus some useful techniques for collecting fees.
  • The intermediate or advanced NSA will find “Qualities of the ‘First-Called’ NSA” especially valuable, as a professional NSA presenter reviews the knowledge, training and professional behavior that attracts attention and produces more calls; and reveals what attributes lenders, title companies and signing agents expect of NSAs and how to develop these assets.
  • A must for all NSAs who want to strike out on their own, “Starting a Signing Service” will be conducted by a veteran business owner who will show how to create a network of NSAs that work for you.
  • An NSA guest presenter will examine Notary income opportunities in a workshop that covers moonlighting ideas, provides an overview of how to use Notary skills to earn income as an independent Notary, explores ways to find work, and discusses new options such as fingerprinting, handling adoptions and notarizing for inmates and hospital patients.

Just three weeks remain for registration. This year’s Conference offers the chance to establish yourself as one of the premier Signing Agents in your community. It’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

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