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New Russian Law Creates Nationwide, Unified Notarial Database

Russia last month enacted a new law creating rules of operation designed to improve the quality of notarial services throughout the country, as well as establishing a nationwide, federal database of all notarial acts.

“The federal law aims to protect the proprietary rights of citizens, to prevent fraud in civil transactions, and to improve the quality of notarial services and the transparency of notarial activities,” according to a government statement.

Under the new mandates, Notary officials will be required to submit data for each of their notarial acts to a Unified Information System of Notaries Publicthat will allow the government to create a comprehensive database of all registered notarized documents.

The registry will contain listings of notarized wills, notices on will revocation, powers of attorney and orders of their revocation, open inheritance cases, notarized marriage contracts and movable property pledge notices. In doing so, the law creates a “common information space” to be shared between Notaries, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Bailiff Service, the Federal Registration Service, and other executive government authorities.

These new updates to Russian laws coincide with a slew of global changes to Notary laws that are helping to enhance and better regulate the Notary profession worldwide.

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