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3 things Notaries must always do during a remote online (RON) or remote ink signed (RIN) notarization

Updated 4-29-21. Requirements for performing a remote online notarization (RON) in the states that have enacted permanent laws, or a remote ink signed notarization allowed temporarily during the COVID-19 state of emergency can vary between states. However, there are 3 things Notaries must always do when performing these notarizations:

1. Always use live, real-time communication

RON requires the signer and Notary to use audiovisual technology to communicate remotely. During the notarization, all communication with the signer must be live in real time. Notaries and signers may not perform a RON using recorded messages. For example, a signer is not allowed to record a video message acknowledging a signature, and then send it to the Notary later so that a RON can be performed without the signer’s live participation.

2. Always be physically located in the commissioning jurisdiction

In the states that have enacted permanent RON laws, a signer may physically located in a different state or country than the Notary. In the states that have temporary RIN authorizations, the signer typically must be located in the state that provides the authorization. However, irrespective of where the signer is located, the Notary must always be present within the Notary’s commissioning state, territory or jurisdiction when the remote online or ink signed notarization takes place. Notaries cannot travel outside their commissioning jurisdiction to perform RONs and RINs. For example, a Notary commissioned in Texas decides to visit family in California. While in California, someone asks the Texas Notary to perform a RON. The Texas Notary cannot perform any RONs while the Notary is physically located outside the borders of Texas.

3. Always meet all requirements to perform RONs and RINs

Having a standard Notary commission is not the only requirement to perform RONs and RINs. Depending on state law, Notaries may also be required to apply for a special commission (for RONs specifically) or register with their state Notary regulating office (for temporary RONs and RINs), use an approved technology provider or take additional training before performing remote acts. Always meet these and all other requirements when performing RONs and RINs.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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Laura Garcia

06 May 2020

Where can I get my bond and take oath in los angeles county.

National Notary Association

07 May 2020

Hello. According to the L.A. County registrar-recorder/County Clerk's website, all offices are closed at this time. The website says that Notary bonds and oaths are being processed by mail only at this time. Please see their website for instructions how to request a bond and oath be processed by mail:

Veronica Dixon

07 May 2020

How do I get my money back after a notary stole it? Essentially she was paid for a job she did not complete, lost papers and wont fix anything.

National Notary Association

08 May 2020

Hello. If you have reason to believe a Notary has committed misconduct, you may wish to contact your state Notary-regulating agency to ask if you can file a complaint. If you wish to file a legal action against a Notary, you will need to contact a qualified attorney for assistance.

Jaime Lopez

11 May 2020

I got my RON Certificate .How can I get a RON Technology provider to get my Commission authorization?

National Notary Association

11 May 2020

Hello. To help us answer your question, can you please tell us what state you are located in?

mary alice flavin

11 May 2020


National Notary Association

11 May 2020

Hello. Please see here for Illinois emergency remote notarization guidelines:

Thomas A Ryles Jr

11 May 2020

Commissioned to do RON?

Nora Diaz

12 May 2020


Latricia Glass

12 May 2020

I email my letter from the court house and your customer service and the paperwork states that you all will put a rush order on my stamp and I still haven’t received it. Also you all took longer to mail out the paper to take to the court house so due to y’all 15 day shipping or later this process has been a night mare.

National Notary Association

12 May 2020

Hello. We're sorry you had trouble with your order. We've forwarded your message to our Customer Care team and asked them to contact you to see if we can resolve this issue for you.

A Corey

13 May 2020

Couldn't a State that authorizes a "Ron" or "Rim" notarization, have a notary, who is from one of those states, just drive around the country, let's say in an RV and perform notarization, via the computer, from any state they happen to be in? I see fraudulent notarization's in the future. How would they be able to track it? It doesn't matter for me, I am in California. Just asking for educational purposes.

National Notary Association

14 May 2020

Hello. No, the Notary must always be physically present in the commissioning state when performing the notarization. Please see here for more information:


25 May 2020

I would like recommend for RON providers in Florida

National Notary Association

27 May 2020

Hello. The Florida Department of State does not recommend nor endorse any particular third party vendors. The basic requirements for vendors’ technology are found under Chapter 117, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 1N-7001, Florida Administrative Register. Additional information about Florida RON requirements can be found here:

Cheryl Kaster

21 Jul 2020

Two questions: Hawaii allows the remote duringCOVID but does not require the Notary to prove the signer is in the state. How would we modify the notarial wording to modify "on this day before me personally appeared" when they haven't personally appeared in the normal context, and how do we carry out the standard process the NNA recommends for comparing the picture I.D. required with the signer?

National Notary Association

22 Jul 2020

Hello. Under Hawaii's emergency rules, 1. The Notary must add a statement to the notarized document as follows: “This notarial act involved the use of communication technology enabled by emergency order.” 2. The Notary must identify the signer during the RON through personal knowledge or through remote presentation of a current, government-issued ID that includes the signer’s photograph and signature. The signer may not present ID before or after the notarization takes place. The full emergency rules are available here:

Cheryl Kaster

22 Jul 2020

Exactly which "emergency rules" are you referring to and how with that description will the notary be able to confirm he statistics related to the signer, let alone inspect the I.D. to determine it has not been altered?

National Notary Association

24 Jul 2020

Hello. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states have issued emergency rules and guidelines temporarily authorizing Notaries to perform remote notarizations to help reduce the risk of face-to-face contact. You can find the emergency rules for each state here:

Court Reporter

02 Apr 2021

Is a Notary able to administer an oath to someone outside their state or another country? How about if the attys. stipulate the notary is allowed to?

National Notary Association

06 Apr 2021

Hello. The person taking the oath must be physically present before you. Please see this article for more information:


23 Nov 2022

I started doing rounds in 2020 the first part and I have done Ron’s with certain title companies in other states I’m in Florida and I’ve done quite a few in Colorado so having to be in that jurisdiction has not been a problem

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