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International Section Advisor: Todd Kocourek

A Founding Trustee of the National Association of Civil Law Notaries (NACLN), attorney Todd Kocourek was instrumental in developing the Civil Law Notary system in Florida to help resolve issues with documents sent between Florida and foreign countries.

Hotline Tip: Notarizing For A Three-Year-Old?

I’ve been asked to notarize a copy certification by document custodian, but the passport holder is only three years old. Who should sign in this case?

NC County Recorder Sues Banks, Loan Servicers To Fix 'Robo-Signed' Documents

In a major effort to protect homeowners and solidify the integrity of property records, the Guilford County (North Carolina) Register of Deeds has filed a lawsuit against 26 mortgage lenders and loan servicers to force them to correct thousands of improperly signed and notarized documents filed with his office.

FBI Financial Crimes Report Reveals Growing Fraud By Insiders

As financial institutions implement the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement and deal with the ongoing foreclosure crisis, the FBI reports a “skyrocketing” increase in insider mortgage fraud schemes aimed at distressed homeowners.