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How To Notarize For A Visually Impaired Signer

It is not uncommon to encounter a patient who needs a notarization but is visually impaired in some way and cannot read the document being notarized. Here are some guidelines on how to proceed in such situations.

Keeping Cash Flow Crunch From Hurting Your Business

Many small businesses fail because they lack adequate cash, and almost every business — even highly profitable ones — faces periodic cash flow problems. Tage Tracy, principal owner of TMK & Associates, recently offered the following tips on keeping your business going even when the cash isn’t flowing.

Liability Prevention Tip: Personal Appearance Is Always Required Even For Familiar Signers

On occasion an attorney or supervisor might ask you to notarize signatures of important clients without requiring personal appearance in order to avoid imposing on the client. If the client regularly has documents notarized, it would be easy to rationalize this request because you have previously identified the client and are familiar with his or her signature.

Notaries And Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements can play an important role in division of property during divorce proceedings, and any question about the validity of a signature on a prenuptial agreement can throw the document into doubt. The Legal Professionals Section spoke with Peter M. Walzer, attorney and certified family law specialist with Walzer & Melcher LLP in Woodland Hills, California, to discuss issues that may arise when notarizing prenuptial agreements.

Notaries Questioned During Foreclosure Claims Investigation

Recently released HUD documents reveal that scores of Notaries were called on for questioning in connection with the mortgage foreclosure practices investigation which led to the recent National Mortgage Settlement.

Q&A: Liability Prevention Training And Policies For Healthcare Workers

The Healthcare Professionals Section spoke with law professor Marshall B. Kapp, director of the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine and Law at Florida State University, about the best ways for healthcare professionals to prevent liability concerns.

Record Of Notarizations Mandated By National Mortgage Settlement

The nation’s five largest mortgage servicers now must maintain records of all foreclosure-related notarizations performed on their behalf by employees or third-party contractors, according to details of the National Mortgage Settlement released last month.

Social Media, Smartphones Open Door To ID Thieves

Most Notary Signing Agents and small business owners depend on smartphones and Facebook to help conduct business. But social media Web sites and mobile devices are proving to be a boon to identity thieves.

What To Do If Your Signer Speaks A Different Language

Healthcare professionals are likely to encounter signers who come from many different cultures and backgrounds. And on occasion you will encounter a signer that isn’t fluent in English, making direct communication difficult.