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Companies Still Liable For 'Robo' Practices Even After Historic Settlement

Financial institutions and the third-party contractors that service loans are still liable for the improper notarization and document signing practices exposed by the “robo-signing” crisis, even after the $25 billion national mortgage settlement with federal agencies and 49 state attorneys general.

Corporations Seek To Strengthen Notary Practices Following $25 Billion National Mortgage Settlement

With the $25 billion national mortgage settlement announced between government officials and major banks, the financial industry is taking a hard look at changing widespread shoddy document practices that precipitated the national “robo-signing” crisis — and the NNA is addressing the growing need for best practices training for Notary employees and supervisors.

February 24 Webinar Covers Differences In Common Notarial Acts

Notaries looking for clarity on the difference between various notarial acts can find help on Feb. 24 when the NNA presents the latest webinar in its continuing series, titled: Acknowledgments and Jurats — What’s the Difference?