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International Section Advisor: Wayne Braid

This month, the NNA’s International Section reported on the UK fraud epidemic and its impact on international trade and why Chinese officials are lobbying for greater authority for Notaries. To deliver this level of industry-specific information to Notaries, the NNA has developed a distinguished Advisory Panel for each of its six Professional Sections. In this Advisor Spotlight, we introduce you to International Section Advisor Wayne Braid.

A Canadian native, Wayne Braid is the Secretary/Executive Director of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. Braid’s varied career experiences include working as a School Trustee, Director of the BC Winter Games, President of the Rotary Club, and Coroner. For over 15 years, he ran a bustling Notary practice in Terrace, British Columbia, and provided the public with legal services.

Braid has worked with the National Notary Association at the International Forum on eNotarization and eApostilles, and has served on the Electronic Filing System Committee of the Land Title Office since 2001. His experience and background fostered his interest in the electronic provision of legal services. On behalf of The Society, Braid works with various local government departments and other professional organizations to combat fraud and promote best Notary practices.

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