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Notary Bulletin

Q&A: Workplace Policies For Notaries In The Law Office

Workplace policies for employee conduct can serve as an important preventative tool against a law firm’s liability — just as bad workplace practices, such as encouraging improper notarizations can invite lawsuits. The Legal Professionals Sectionspoke with attorney Hank Turner of the Valorem Law Group LLC in Chicago, Illinois, to discuss positive and negative workplace policies for Notaries in the law office.

Stolen Notary IDs, Seals Used In Fraud Schemes

NNA 2007 Notary of the Year Joan Sampson and Ed Newsom, a long-time Notary and owner of a UPS store in Calabasas, California, both know what it’s like to have their Notary identities co-opted by scammers trying to commit fraud.

Three Types Of Insurance Entrepreneurs Should Consider

Independent Notary have a crucial interest in protecting their livelihoods from unforeseen occurrences. Business consulting firm Small Business Authority offers a few suggestions that every small business owner should consider.

Who Owns Your Notary Commission, Seal And Journal?

Many companies pay for their employees to become Notaries, including the application and training fee, the cost of the surety bond, Notary stamp and other necessary supplies. However, this investment can create confusion for Notaries and employers alike over who owns or controls the commission and how it is to be used.

California Man Pleads Guilty In Stolen Notary ID Case

A Sacramento, California, man has pleaded guilty in federal court to helping orchestrate a $19 million mortgage fraud scheme that at one time had co-opted the identity of the National Notary Association’s 2007 Notary of the Year Joan Sampson.

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed In Nevada Over 'Robo-Signing' Scandal

The mortgage servicing firm accused of running a massive 'robo-signing' scheme in Nevada and directing Notary-employees to improperly notarize thousands of documents has been named in a class-action lawsuit by local homeowners.