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Healthcare Section Advisor: Mollie Shields-Uehling

Healthcare Section Advisor: Mollie Shields-Uehling

Mollie Shields-Uehling is President and CEO of SAFE-BioPharma Association®, which provides digital identity solutions to government organizations and the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Hospital Privacy Breach Demonstrates Risk Of Information Sharing

A California hospital faces a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit after private patient information was supplied to a business contractor and posted on the Internet, an indication of how sharing sensitive patient information — even with trusted business partners — can put you in danger of violating healthcare privacy regulations.

Q&A: The impact of Florida's new power of attorney law

In an effort to protect elderly persons from being exploited, the state of Florida enacted a new law this month that changes the way powers of attorney are executed and notarized. The NNA’s Healthcare Professionals Section spoke with elder law attorney Howard Krooks to discuss the changes in the new law and how it may affect powers of attorney notarized in other states.

State Notary Journal Laws Affecting Legal Professionals

Keeping a journal provides important information about past notarizations and is the best protection a Notary has if they are named in a lawsuit. But Notaries working in the legal profession also need to be aware that a handful of states — including Arizona, Massachusetts and Oregon — have additional rules that directly affect legal professionals. Below is an overview of each state’s special journal laws.