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Federal Bill Would Let Post Office Compete For Notary Services

Retail businesses that offer Notary services — such a package shipping stores and concierge operations — could soon face some stiff competition if a measure pending before Congress is passed giving the U.S. Postal Service authority to offer customers a wide range of services.

The Postal Service Protection Act would specifically permit local post offices to provide Notary services as well as check-cashing services; technology, media and internet services; vehicle registration and driver’s license services; and more.

The bill is intended to give the USPS, which has lost $20 billion in the past four years, authority to expand its business offerings to remain self-sufficient.

Across the country, many parcel shipping stores offer notarial services as a way to draw in customers. In addition, Notaries in states such as Pennsylvania and North Carolina run thriving businesses by contracting with state motor vehicle departments to offer driver’s licensing and vehicle registration services.

If the bill is approved, independent Notary entrepreneurs will have to look for ways to keep a competitive edge. One way could be additional trainingand professional designations that let customers know they can provide a higher degree of assurance and professionalism with every transaction.


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03 May 2017

Inquiring about services in Alabama.

Cristal Bridges

04 Feb 2022

Are there any updates available about this?

National Notary Association

04 Feb 2022

Hello. The bill did not pass.

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