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Dignitaries, The NNA Call For Civility With Release Of 'Why Coolidge Matters'

On the 87th anniversary of Calvin Coolidge’s swearing in as the 30th President of the United States, a call for a new era of civility in politics came with the release of the book "Why Coolidge Matters: How Civility in Politics Can Bring a Nation Together", published by the NNA. Officially presented to the Library of Congress on August 3, the book revisits the integrity and commitment to public service that defined the Coolidge Presidency — important lessons that can guide our political leaders of today and help transform America.

Coolidge is the only U.S. President sworn into office by Notary — his father — but his importance to Notaries and America goes much farther than that. His legacy of civility and unflappable bipartisanship is viewed as highly relevant because today’s political climate has become so fractious and divisive. And his core ideals speak directly to the role Notaries play in American society.

Christopher Coolidge Jeter, the great grandson of the 30th President, said, “Why Coolidge Matters draws on many parallels between the current political climate and the one my great grandfather faced. He had a strong ability to bridge the divide between Democrats and Republicans and restore faith in the process of governing.”Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, Senator Patrick Leahy and several of the authors also joined NNA President Milt Valera at the historic Library of Congress event. “Americans today are looking for strong, trustworthy leadership to strengthen our nation, but amid the widespread breakdown in civility it’s hard to fathom an atmosphere in which this can happen,” Valera said. “The authors reached across political and ideological lines to show us that this atmosphere has existed, and can exist again if we carefully examine President Coolidge.”

The release of "Why Coolidge Matters" also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, which provided the NNA with important input and guidance in the development of the publication.

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