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April 2014 Issue
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New Task Force, 'One-Stop Shop' Platform Streamlines Exporting

The U.S. Department of Commerce is setting up a “one-stop shop” operation for businesses designed to streamline the export process and create more jobs for American workers.

The new strategy, part of the federal government’s National Export Initiative, began with the creation of an interagency task force bringing together 15 different federal agencies.

The task force is charged with going beyond the government’s traditional commercial advocacy programs by providing a variety of support for U.S. exporters, including assistance with promotions, financing, lead generation, market analysis, technical assistance and additional services as needed.

To learn more about the Department of Commerce’s Interagency Task Force on Commercial Advocacy, and how it might impact your business or business opportunities, visit the department’s website.

Key Points:

  • New task force streamlines exporting process by creating “one-stop shop” approach to exports.

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