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4 good ways to find new Notary customers

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Updated 9-18-23. It can be tough to find customers for your Notary business in today's challenging economy. We asked Notaries on Facebook about the best ways to find new signers and expand their customer base. They recommended the four approaches below:

  1. Advertise through word of mouth
  2. Referrals from current customers
  3. Offer discounts to signers
  4. Always answer phone calls for Notary services

1. Advertise through word of mouth

Many Notaries agreed that getting the word out in your community is one of the best ways to find new customers. If someone needs a notarization but aren’t sure where to go, word of mouth about your business can be key to getting signers to come to you first.

“I opened a small coffee shop and one of the first things I did was become a Notary and put a sign in the window,” said Monica Lynn Nava. She also let her neighbors and local banks know that she was available for Notary services, which she said helped her business a lot.

Posting your business information online and through social media is another good way to get business, but you don’t have to stop there. Simone Tackett left business cards in books on the shelf at her local public library (“It’s different, but it has brought me a lot of business,” she said) while others display license plate covers or car magnets advertising Notary services. “I connected with a lot of neighbors this way and two are attorneys,” said Notary Phil Wilson.

2. Referrals from current customers

Other Notaries said that providing a good customer experience is always important, because those customers in turn will refer other people to your business. In fact, Alexis Ronieshia Thrash said that most of her new clients come from referrals from repeat customers.

So how do you get those referrals? Coryna Magana recommends Notaries keep up with continuing education about their duties and build a good rapport with signers during assignments. Phil Wilson added that attorneys and real estate professionals are a great source of referrals once you show them you can provide quality Notary services. 

3. Offer discounts to signers 

A simple way to build a good reputation for your Notary business is discounts for new customers. Frank Quezada said that he regularly offers discounts or free notarizations for older signers, and they frequently refer him to additional new customers. “Give a little, and you get a little,” he said.

4. Always answer phone requests for Notary services

Finally, Notaries said it’s important you answer every phone call requesting your Notary services — if you don’t reply, new customers won’t come back. “I always answer the phone or call back right away if I have missed the call,” said Martina Tasevska.

If you can’t get to the phone because you’re in the middle of another assignment, be sure to let other customers know, said Linda K. Evans. “I have my business connected to Apple Watch, then I don’t miss calls and they get a message that I’m with a client,” she said.

Have you tried other ways to find new Notary customers? Share your tips and stories in the comments section below.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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Hany hendawi

16 Jan 2023

Need help building my business

Max in PDX

16 Jan 2023

I've often wondered if offering discounts can sometimes constitute biased behavior for notaries. For example, offering a free notary day at your church seems like a nice thing to do--or is it a case of a public official giving preferential treatment to certain people because of their religion? For me, the problem is academic. I got my commission for my job, and on the odd occasions I notarize outside of work, I do it as a favor. But for notaries who make a living at it, could good marketing practices constitute "kickback" or First Amendment issues? What do you think?

National Notary Association

17 Jan 2023

Hello. For more information, please see the section on fees and impartiality in this article:

Steve Shapiro

16 Jan 2023

In a time like this when the typical person will get more spam phone calls on their phone than legitimate calls, answering every phone number that appears on your Caller ID can be a painful and time-wasting experience. I know that I have lost business by not answering the phone but there comes a time when I can't deal with even one more spam call.

Steven Ransom

19 Jan 2023

Having a second phone or phone line can be very helpful. The second phone or phone line can be for Notary calls only. This may help to stop spam calls.

Jennifer Faiz

19 Jan 2023

I've found that word of mouth and posting on has helped me tremendously to connect with neighbors needing notary services, who prefer the personalized service of having a notary come to their home. And my clients have referred me to other clients. This method has served me well.

20 Jan 2023


Tara Conard

20 Jan 2023

I use a google voice phone number for my mobile notary business, it does help weed out the spam calls, especially since I have it set up that they have to give their name when calling. I also purchased magnets to put on the sides of my car. This has given me more business than online or word of mouth. I have had numerous people come up to me asking for a business card. I also made my own fliers and hung them in gas stations, laundrymats, doctor's offices, and anywhere else that has a corkboard to hang things on. My local Commonwealth Tags sends people my way and I use google and yelp, as well as Thumbtack, but I pay for leads with Thumbtack and that can get expensive when out of 10 paid leads only 1 turns into a job. Going strong into my second year as a mobile notary and am very happy with where Im at.

Judy Breerr

31 Jan 2023

In this day and time and being a woman, I’m Leary to go into people’s homes. Has anyone tired meeting people at Starbucks or McDonald’s. I’d like to know if this approach has worked for anyone?

National Notary Association

02 Feb 2023

Hello. Meeting signers at a public place such as a coffee shop or restaurant is a common safety practice for mobile Notaries. For more information, please see here:

Kyra W

04 Mar 2023

This was a nice read. Any tips on beginner Notaries. I received my commission two days ago and I'm not even sure where to start. Joining a company or starting my own Notary business. As a writer who owns her own publishing company, would it be a good idea to add a section on my website about being a Notary? Decisions, decisions!

Donna Nichols

20 Apr 2023

You should definitely put something about your notary services on your website, Facebook page etc.

Steven Ransom

24 Aug 2023

The notary should advertise the availability of notarial services, and do so in a dignified and professional manner befitting a government official. Attorneys real estate professionals, and health care are great sources of referrals once you show them you can provide quality Notary services.

Mark Samson

25 Aug 2023

The suggestions offered are great unless you're a Texas Notary. We have a very saturated market. There's an estimate 500,000 notaries for 30 million Texans.* That works out to around 1 Notary for every 60 Texans. As a commodity service provider there's a point where trying to be better than your competition , becomes a costly endevour. Many of my fellow Texas NSAs are closing down, returning to W2 employment, or in my case rolled their notary skills into another another business as a value added service. I'm getting 2-3 calls per month from Notaries telling me they've spent their hard earned money into becoming an NSA only to discover there's not enough business to earn a living. *Source: NNA and US Census

Mel Horton

28 Aug 2023

From where or whom can I get information regarding the fees that signing agents (on average) are charging for their work product? New in the e-universe and I want to make sure I do the right thing.

National Notary Association

29 Aug 2023

Hello. While fees for notarial acts are set by state law, Signing Agent fees for the additional services you provide for loan document packages are negotiated on a case by case basis between you and the companies you work with. You will need to determine what a reasonable fee is for your services and negotiate that fee with companies offering you assignments. Because Signing Agents are independent professionals, organizations such as the NNA, have to be careful to avoid discussions of specific Signing Agent fee amounts that can be construed as price fixing. This means we cannot recommend specific amounts for Notary Signing Agent fees, lobby for higher fees, or host discussions among Signing Agents agreeing to only charge certain fee amounts. For more information, please see this link:

Edna Peña

02 Oct 2023

I order pens with my info and I hand those out everywhere I go and in my community. It has helped a lot.

Brenda Sue Hill

02 Oct 2023

Some contacted me, after finding me on It was a phishing scam. Thankfully, I did not get caught up in a horrible situation. Word to the wise... Be on guard even if you trust the site, the user of the sight might be corrupt.

National Notary Association

05 Oct 2023

Hello. Thank you for contacting about this situation. We've forwarded your message to our IT department to let them know about this issue.


02 Oct 2023

Google voice is free and can be used on the same phone you already own. There are apps that weed out 99.9% of spam. Trust me.

Samantha Ames

02 Oct 2023

Good info if you are an established notary, but this article doesn't take into account notaries just starting out or notaries who have moved.

Terri Stell-Warren

11 Oct 2023

I know for me, trying to differentiate between a spam call and an actual signer needing a signing down is difficult, so I created a goggle phone for my business, so when they call the recording says, “Call from Henry, to accept this call press 1 or press 2, to send to voicemail. This lets me know it’s from someone needing my services. Dont get me wrong, there are on occasions where something will come through like a pre-recorded msg, but nothing like a spam call.

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