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Tips to grow your Notary business through community presence

Updated 5-6-24. Every community offers a wide range of opportunities when it comes to growing your Notary business. According to long-time Notary expert Elaine Wright Harris, the key is identifying those opportunities and taking action when you do.

Harris, the NNA’s 2009 Notary of the Year, and 2020 Notary of the Year Honoree Wanda Moore discussed various opportunities for mobile Notaries to expand their community footprint during an NNA 2020 Online video presentation.

Some opportunities require specialized training and experience, but others, such as volunteering, just take a willing heart.

Volunteering and education services

Volunteering for community service is often overlooked as a business-building strategy, but it can be a very effective way of growing your business. Harris noted that Notaries tend to be good-hearted and public-service-oriented, so becoming involved with community service organizations and projects is a natural fit.

You have many choices when it comes to volunteering. For example, you can offer free notarizations to the elderly, those facing health issues, or those with limited mobility. You may also participate in fundraisers and food or clothing drives. Moore said she knows one Notary who takes part in blanket drives.

You also may offer various education services. For many years, Harris has offered Notary training at a local community college, helping fellow Notaries keep up their duties and law changes. She also organizes mentoring and education groups in her Maryland community.

Another opportunity to consider is volunteering for government initiatives, such as becoming an election judge. This person serves the public during elections and ensures fair and proper procedures are followed. Depending on the state, it also could be a paid position. You also could work as a check-in judge, an election judge trainer or a “watcher” ensuring people are behaving according to protocol. Just Google your state Board of Elections to get more information.

Getting involved in the community may seem tough at first, especially if you’re the type to keep to yourself or are more introverted, but taking part in community events, caring for the elderly and vulnerable, and using your special skills can be great ways to find like-minded friends and support, not to mention new business, they said. 

Specialty business offerings

Apart from community service, there are any number of types of specialty work you can do to build your Notary business in addition to your regular duties. One possible option is becoming a wedding officiant. Check your state’s laws first, as some states don’t allow Notaries to perform weddings. In some cases, you can become an ordained minister to overcome the hurdle, Harris said.

Other specialties include immigration forms specialist and field inspector. The inspector’s duties include traveling to visit properties or vehicles to inspect damage or verify assets and take photos to send to insurance companies.

Service providers may include signing agent services, which are considered essential workers in some jurisdictions. Notaries can also become a title insurance producer independent contractor and perform purchase closings and perform services for title companies and brokers. 

Ultimately, your community is full of opportunities to build your Notary business into a thriving and profitable venture.

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Nancye Woodward

28 Sep 2022

It was really interesting to learn about additional opportunities available for Notaries to perform a variety of notarial acts! After being an active Notary Public for over 40+years, I recently failed the notary renewal exam twice (didn’t judge my time correctly)! Ready to take the exam AGAIN!

Marion Tindle

20 May 2024

I would like more information on using my notary. I am a realtor and have had a notary for years, however, as an older realtor, I would like to use my notary in other ways for an income.

Deborah Williams

20 May 2024

As a "newbie", I admit that I get a bit intimidated with some requests. I offered my community services, but got stressed when it came to wills, estates, property purchasing. I feel I need a "buddy" to build confidence. I am also an ordained minister, but have yet to "perform" due to same-yikes. I know there are resources to review, but I know what works for me. Overall, I fear making a mistake. One thought I have centers around workshops with "real" clients --a variety of scenarios can be addressed. Any one else feel this? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Ha Vandervorst

26 May 2024

Hello Deborah, yes I believe that your feelings are the same as mine when I started as a Notary, sometimes we have to go through our fears so that we won't fear anymore. You can contact me if you would like

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