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Network and prospect to get more Notary Signing Agent assignments

Notary Signing Agents often get stuck doing the same thing and struggle to grow their business. The key to building a Notary business and getting more assignments by finding ways to get outside your usual circle and create a distinctive brand that differentiates you from your competition. How do you do that?

According to Anne Fields, a long-time NSA with Fields & Associates, there are several elements to business success:

  • Preparing with the right tools.
  • Prospecting for new clients.
  • Networking in your community.

Fields discussed how to follow these strategies in an NNA 2020 Online presentation.

Begin with the right tools

It’s incredibly important to have a separate workspace in the home with a desk, bookshelves, high-yield laser printer, shredder, scanner and an up-to-date smartphone, Fields stressed.

Take care with your paper and ink supplies too. These small but bulk purchases can really add up and impede your bottom line. It’s also good to have basic supplies such as journals, pens and tabs. Customers are often very impressed with small details, such as having both blue and black pens at your disposal, she said.

Insurance, certifications and references will complete your business tool belt. You will want Notary errors & omissions insurance, signing agent certification that’s going to be accepted by banks and title companies and great references who can attest to your ability to handle certain documents and transactions.

Prospect for new business

Maybe you have “enough” business to suit your needs, but clients will drop off unexpectedly, so it’s a great idea to know how to get new assignments when clients disappear.

Join platforms, such as Snapdocs, where you can bid on projects that are far away, which many people don’t want to pursue. If you’re new, you can build a stellar reputation taking assignments that others don’t want and doing an excellent job. You’ll also build up great ratings, which employers look for when choosing a Notary.

Set up profiles on listing platforms. Some of them offer printable lists with companies hiring Signing Agents. She created a master list of companies and then sent a package of her credentials, including her resume, references, insurance and certifications, to the companies’ vendor management departments. After that, it was just a matter of time waiting for the calls, she said.

Network, network, network

Online forums and platforms are great, but don’t forget about visiting local businesses, such as the UPS store, law firms, banks, healthcare facilities and such. Fields also recommended getting involved with your local chamber of commerce. The chamber will introduce you to realtors and people employed with title and escrow companies who are always looking for good Notaries. And they aren’t the only ones. Bankers, lawyers, insurance brokers and other businessmen and businesswomen tend to join local business associations and often need Notaries, and regularly networking with them will lead to new opportunities and more business for you.

And don’t forget civic organizations such as Rotary and business organizations for men and women. Networking may not come naturally, but it can be improved with practice and persistence.

 Additional Resources:

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Colleen Jendusa

06 Oct 2020

I have everything that I need to get started. I am seeking information about getting assignments near me 78260 area code. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

14 Oct 2020

This was excellent! I am fairly new as a signing agent. I thought the information, and inspiration were great! Confidence is the key, I'm slowly getting there! Thank you for sharing!


14 Oct 2020

Awesome video love that you give us the tips and tricks of the trade and I also was wondering where can I get loan signing example of documents book in the video.

National Notary Association

16 Oct 2020

Hello. Is this the book you are looking for?

Katrina Masera

21 Oct 2020

I have completed all of the training, passed the exam and have the certifications insurance etc. how do I start getting assignments? I am in Texas 77536

National Notary Association

22 Oct 2020

Hello. You may find this article and video helpful:

29 Oct 2020

Very informative video. I've finished my training and got my certificate of completion. I wanted to know how to begin the background check process? Thanks.

National Notary Association

02 Nov 2020

Hello. Please see here for information:

Garrett McCallister

09 Nov 2020

What a great article! Many of these points really hit home with me. The most valuable connections I have made in this business are from being consistent. Many of the requests I receive are from referrals and networking. Alot of those began with one simple comment, meeting, or stop by an event.

Quadralis S.Lewis

19 Dec 2020

I read everything everyone had to say and I was like that as well being slow but I listen watch and I learn but this is a great business to get into and having that drive to do what everyone think you can’t do we all need to stay focus on us and our clients

Quadralis S.Lewis

19 Dec 2020

I’m a signing agent and a certified notary and I have my producer title license and it’s hard on us all but we all are never to old to learn anything just get the training and we all gotta study and stepout on faith with your business.

06 Jan 2021

New notary completed my training ,have my certification and my insurance looking to learn how to build my signing Agent business in Texas in area 78108

11 Feb 2021

I just passed my Notary Signing Agent exam, the information from your video was very helpful. I live in Texas.

Cindy Sarko

30 Mar 2021

Really enjoyed your video. Great advice. Just have to build up my confidence and do it. I have everything I need, just have to jump in the pool.

Judith Rochelle

30 Mar 2021

Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. I am a Notary Signing Agent and Mobile Notary. I do this because I love people and would love help on building my business in Tennessee in the area of 37086.

Nicole J Howard

27 Nov 2021

I passed my loan signing agent exam and background check. I am now ready who do notary signing assignments in the District of Columbia.

LaDonna Williams

21 Apr 2022

Mobile Notary DFW area since 2020 . I really enjoy meeting people and providing service best decision ever.

Laquetta Clark

17 Aug 2022

Hi, how do I become a signing agent and how to I get insurance certified?

National Notary Association

19 Aug 2022

Hello. You can find more information about becoming a Signing Agent here:

Elsa Haydee Villalonga

05 Sep 2022

Hello I am a notary I am bilingual I speak and write both Spanish/English. I'm in the 07055 area .😁

Enaia Bullard

21 Oct 2022

Ty for this valuable info .Im very excited to start as a NSA in all of Tampa Bay Fl, Im already in the industry(somewhat )as a Real Estate Pro & very excited to add this to my resume.

Freddricka Rodriguez

21 Aug 2023

I have everything that I need to get started. I am seeking information about getting assignments near me 60083 area code. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tammy Cochran

18 Apr 2024

Thank you so much for your time and the valuable information provided! I am new to the industry. I was extremely nervous before watching this video. THANK YOU KINDLY TAMMY FROM TEXAS

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