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How to make your Notary business stand out

Updated 7-19-21. Long-time Notaries Christine Wissbrun and Daniel Lewis aren’t shy about getting their clients’ attention. But when it comes really impressing clients and getting repeat business, they practice several tried and true steps. They include:

  • Delivering outstanding Notary service 
  • Fostering trust and understanding
  • Taking care of themselves

Wissbrun, a Notary with the city of Rochester Hills, Michigan, and Lewis, a partner in Lewis Notary Services in Carmel, Indiana, described these and other tips in a video presentation for NNA 2020 Online.

Delivering outstanding Notary service

Providing outstanding service goes beyond handling any loan signing or notarization assignment professionally. “To me, it means building business acumen,” Lewis said. How does your business make money? What are your daily expenses? How much do you set aside for marketing? Who are my clients?

Notaries need to ask themselves these questions to determine if they’re running an efficient operation that has the energy and expertise to give clients what they need and make money at the same time.

Wissbrun recommended taking classes in order to further your knowledge and be ahead of the curve: “You want to change with the world as the world changes,” she said.

Fostering trust

They both stressed that trust is essential if you want to create a business that shines. People only go back to sources they trust. Lewis noted that Notaries must always consistent, honest and keep promises.

They noted that developing superior communication skills will help ward off misunderstandings, clarify proceedings and generally keep things friendly.

Lewis likened it to being a lighthouse. “Is my business lighting the way in complex transactions? Am I mastering new skills?”

Taking care of yourself

It may not seem logical, but carving out “me time” to take care of yourself plays an important role in building a thriving business.  It’s hard to serve clients if you’re exhausted, eating poorly and can’t concentrate, Wissbrun stressed. Invest in self-care and improve your daily habits. “Addressing your habits goes along with getting enough sleep and eating well and keeping a schedule and structure,” she said.

It doesn’t matter what equipment you have, Lewis said. “You are the most important asset in your business. You have to invest in your health and your wellbeing.” Remember, a car can’t operate without a driver.

Financial and wellness goals are both tough to meet, but they become doable when you break them into much smaller chunks, Lewis advised. He breaks down a year-long goal into daily action steps, which are much less intimidating.

Set high standards, they advised, and even if you don’t meet the mark, you’ll still shine far more than if you hadn’t set standards at all.

Christine Wissbrun is a NNA 2016 Notary of the Year Special Honoree. Daniel Lewis is the NNA’s 2010 Notary of the Year.

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18 Jul 2020

The best information and durable. Love the way you guys presented it. I felt like I was actually right in the room. Like a sponge I was absorbing the tips. I have been a notary since 1981. Never thought about doing a Notary biz til this year. Watching this has influence me of ways that I can go out into the community to help others. Also,Me being a senior citizen I can inform other seniors. (I will be listening repeatedly to this.). Great team/partner. Stay Safe.

Janet Clark

11 Aug 2020

As a new signing agent I am a sponge for information and advise! Thank you Daniel & Christine for your spirit and sharing of knowledge. I will be doing these action steps to make my business SHINE!

Tonya Leeper

11 Aug 2020

How do I find a mentor In my state as I am a new signing notary agent.

Constance J Fletcher

17 Aug 2020

Christine and Daniel, thank you so much for taking the time to create this information and present it in such a professional manner. I really enjoyed everything you shared. The ideas of constantly building my notary skills ad forming good business habits are going to be key in creating a successful notary business. I also like the idea of creating a business journal to track my progress. Thanks again. You two make a GREAT team!!!

Shanice Maynard

08 Sep 2020

This is very helpful information, I have tons of notes! I am a rookie in this game and as I think about my business plan and building client base, this video also highlighted steps that I overlooked which will make all the difference- I am sure. I am excited! I truly appreciate the community involvement aspect you all mentioned and my thoughts are percolating as we speak. I am really excited for the future. Heading to to build some connections. Thank you very much!

National Notary Association

10 Sep 2020

You are most welcome. Good luck!

Karin Brewster

30 Jun 2021

Thanks for the tips!

Magdalene K Kingori Brewer

26 Jul 2021

Thank you for a very informative and well-put together presentation. I liked the organization and several day-to-day examples the presenters used in sharing their experiences. This will definitely be helpful in remembering their lessons learned and best practices. I have followed some of your tips by investing in the classes to be certified and to be prepared to do a great job, Also, I have a wonderful mentor. However, being a new Loan Signing Agent, who have not yet gotten my first assignment, I still have external and internal obstacles. My question is in two parts - how do I get the first signing assignment and how do I overcome the fear of making a mistake?

National Notary Association

26 Jul 2021

Hello. This article and video may be helpful to you:

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