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What Is An International Notary Public?

New Hotline Resized 3How does one qualify to become an international Notary Public? — J.D., Florida

Updated 1-13-19. To be commissioned as a Florida International or (Civil-Law) Notary, you must be an attorney in good standing with the Florida Bar who has practiced law for at least 5 years (FS 118.10[3]). There are additional requirements for applying to become an International Notary in the Florida Administrative Code Chapter 1N-6, including taking a course and passing an examination. An individual with a Florida Notary Public commission does not qualify to become an International Notary by virtue of holding a Florida Notary Public commission. A Florida International Notary Public performs duties that Notaries in most foreign countries may perform, and these duties are markedly different than the duties of a Florida Notary Public.

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Alexis holmes

30 Oct 2019

How do I get started

National Notary Association

31 Oct 2019

Hello. If you are interested in becoming a Notary, here is some information you may find helpful:

Lavonne Riley

06 May 2020

Hello, I am living abroad and would like to become a notary public for Colorado. Is it possible to do this remotely? Thank you, Lavonne

National Notary Association

06 May 2020

Hello. No, in order to qualify for a Colorado Notary commission you must be a state resident or have a place of employment in Colorado.(CRS 24-21-521[3])

Carolina Luttich

03 Dec 2020

There is a way but not under the jurisdiction you are probably under. But yes. International Notarial Witnesses can do remote witnessing. Hence International. I'm pretty certain of this but do double check.

Latishya Walk

20 Apr 2021

Hello, I am a Notary for the State of Alabam, but I am currently living an working in Germany Am I able to notarize documents here for members that can't get in to get notary on the military installation.

National Notary Association

21 Apr 2021

Hello. No, an Alabama Notary commission does not authorize you to perform notarizations outside of the state's borders.


27 Apr 2021

My application was approved for a Hawaii State Notary, they sent me manuals to study. Due to Co-vid tests are delayed. Hypothetical Question: What if someone claims sovereignty? Using their Kingdom ID for identification? In Hawaii locals are claiming they are from the Kingdom of Hawaii, Not United States. Who do I refer them too?

National Notary Association

29 Apr 2021

Hello. Hawaii Notaries may identify an individual appearing before the Notary with a “passport, driver's license, or government‑issued non-driver identification card that is valid or expired no more than three years prior to the performance of the notarial act and contains the signature and photograph of the individual” [or] “another form of government identification issued to an individual that is valid or expired no more than three years prior to performance of the notarial act, contains the signature and photograph of the individual, and is satisfactory to the notary public” (HRS 456-1.6 “proof of the signer’s signature and identity” [1][B] and [C]).

anastacio melero

19 May 2021

hi my dad is in Mexico and my mom is trying to refinance her home but its under both names and he is unable to come back to mojave which is where house is. Can we get paper work done or notarized like in Tj?

National Notary Association

20 May 2021

Hello. You would need to speak to a real estate attorney or qualified real estate professional to find out what options are available in this situation.


13 Sep 2022

How can one become an International Notary Public?

National Notary Association

16 Sep 2022

The Florida Secretary of State may appoint attorneys in good standing who have practiced law in the state for at least five years as “Florida civil-law Notaries” with worldwide jurisdiction. This program is of greatest benefit to Florida attorneys who practice international law and have a need to authenticate acts or attest to the validity of documents. Equivalent to the notarial officers of Latin nations (Notarios, Notaries, etc.), Florida civil-law Notaries are authorized to issue “authentic acts” and must maintain a “protocol,” or registry of their acts. Civil-law Notaries may also exercise the powers of regular Florida Notaries, including the power to perform marriages. (See FS 118.10 and 118.12; and Florida Admin. Code 1C-18.001.) The Florida Secretary of State’s office issues authenticating certificates, including apostilles, for the acts of civil-law Notaries. “(T)here is a required exam that is preceded by an optional two day training held (at) various locations throughout the state. The location of the training and exam site is determined by the location of the majority of the pool of applicants” (Dept. of State website, “Civil Law Notary”).


25 May 2023

I am a resident of TN and I currently work remotely for a company. I am currently commissioned to be a online Notary. Can I perform notaries if I travel overseas?

National Notary Association

26 May 2023

Hello. No, you may not. Any notarization you perform, whether traditional or online, must be performed while you are physically located in Tennessee. Please see "How do remote notarizations work in Tennessee?" on this page for more information:


23 Jun 2023

Has anyone ever tried to work for the US embassy as a notary, I know you can get notarial appointments in other countries and if its US documents only a US notary can sign them. I would lie to know the process.


26 Feb 2024

hi. i am notary in new york. what is the procedure to become international notary ?

National Notary Association

26 Feb 2024

Hello. New York does not authorize its Notaries to act as International Notaries or Civil Law Notaries.

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