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Notary Bulletin

What Arizona Notaries Need To Know About Their New Fee Rule

Arizona-capitol-resized.jpgA new administrative rule in Arizona gives Notaries there a nice raise, but the higher fees also come with some important requirements. Administrative Rule R18-01 has been in effect since March 5 and increases the maximum fee you may charge for a notarization to $10, a big jump from the previous $2.

Fee Requirements

The new fee comes with three requirements:

  • Arizona Notaries must choose the fee they charge — from “no charge” up to $10.
  • Once chosen, that will be the fee they are expected to charge at all times.
  • Arizona Notaries are required to post their fee schedule in a conspicuous location and tell signers of the fee before performing a notarization. In addition, the schedule must be in a mandatory format.

Where To Get A Fee Schedule

You essentially have 3 options for obtaining a fee schedule that meets the state’s requirements: 

NNA members with questions about the new Arizona rule can contact the NNA Notary Hotline at 1-888-876-0827. 

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