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How Do Your State's Notary Fees Compare To Other Regions?

Updated 7-2-18. Nationwide, Notary fees are all over the place. So how much do Notaries make in your state compared to Notaries in other parts of the country? Below is a chart summarizing the maximum fee each U.S. state allows for the most common notarial acts.

State Acknowledgments Jurats
Alabama $5 $5
Alaska No fee schedule
Am. Samoa $10 per signature $10 per signature
Arizona $10 per signature $10 per signature
Arkansas No fee schedule. Fee must be agreed with customer in advance. No fee schedule. Fee must be agreed with customer in advance.
California $15 per signature $15 per signature
Colorado $5 $5
Connecticut $5 $5
Delaware $5 $5
DC $5 $5
Florida $10 $10
Georgia $2 $2
Guam $10 first two signatures; $8 each additional signature $10 first two signatures; $8 each additional signature
Hawaii $5 original+one duplicate, $2.50 for each duplicate after $5 for orginal and four copies, $2.50 for each extra copy
Idaho $2 $2
Illinois $1 $1
Indiana $10 $10
Iowa No fee schedule
Kansas No fee schedule
Kentucky No fee schedule
Louisiana No fee schedule
Maine No fee schedule
Maryland $4 $4
Massachusetts No fee limits for acknowledgments or jurats.
Michigan $10 $10
Minnesota $5 $5
Mississippi $5 $5
Missouri $2 $2
Montana $10 $10
Nebraska $5 $2
Nevada $5 for first signature, $2.50 for each additional signature $5 per signature
New Hampshire $10 $10
New Jersey $2.50 $2.50
New Mexico $5 $5
New York $2 $2
North Carolina $5 $5
North Dakota $5 $5
Northern Marianas $2 $2
Ohio $2 $1.50
Oklahoma $5 $5
Oregon $10 $10
Pennsylvania $5 first signature; $2 for each additional signer $5
Puerto Rico Fees vary depending on act
Rhode Island $1 25 cents
South Carolina $5 per signature $5 per signature
South Dakota $10 $10
Tennessee No fee schedule
Texas $6 first signature; $1 each additional signature $6
US Virgin Islands $5 $5
Utah $5 $5
Vermont 50 cents 50 cents
Virginia $5 $5
Washington $10 $10
West Virginia $5 $5
Wisconsin $5 $5
Wyoming $5 per signature $5 per signature

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John Minjiras

28 Nov 2016

Notary fees for all states should be $25.00 per signature. The present fee schedule is disgraceful in 90% of the US. Why would anyone bother to be a notary in states like Vermont or Rhode Island--- hope it improves.

Lori Lincoln

28 Nov 2016

I learned that the low fee was to ensure that notary services were inexpensive enough to be affordable for everyone.

Jessica Young

28 Nov 2016

So are these fee per document or per signature? I see some say per signature so are we to assume the rest is per document?

National Notary Association

28 Nov 2016

Hi Jessica. Some state laws use different wording-some states say "per signature" in their laws, while others say "per notarization" or "per notarial act" for example. Always follow the laws for your own state.

Alan Friedland

28 Nov 2016

I couldn't make a living if I couldn't charge a mobile fee. Most notaries are Mobile Notary & work out of their car in order to make a living.

Norma Campbell

28 Nov 2016

I agree the low fees are a disgrace. If it weren't for the travel fee that I am allowed to charge I wouldn't be a notary anymore. They need to increase the fees in most states.


28 Nov 2016

Given that there *are* limits - MD is $4 - how are notaries able to charge over 100 in MD?? I charge 4 per signature.

Dan Lovejoy

28 Nov 2016

Question for those without a set fee. How do you set your fees? Question for those with very low fees. It doesn't seem to be worth it to be a notary, how do you make money being a notary? Are you able to add on costs beyond the notary fee to make it worth the time and trouble? I live in Hawai'i, and just renewed my notary. It was $143 for the renewal, another $40 for the bond and another $300 for the E&O insurance. I'm not a traveling notary, and can't change the price, so it will take me about 97 notaries to break even. I've written my state representatives requesting a more equatable fee schedule, but I don't expect much action on their part.

Norma Campbell

28 Nov 2016

I agree the low fees are a disgrace. If it weren't for the travel fee that I am allowed to charge I wouldn't be a notary anymore. They need to increase the fees in most states.

Eileen Wood

28 Nov 2016

Nevada's notary fees haven't increased in decades, but the state has increased the costs of becoming an notary. First it institute a training class for new notaries, then decided that ALL notaries must take the class in order to renew. That's an additional $45, plus the bond, plus the application, plus the fee to file the bond at the County Recorder's office. All up, including the stamp and book, in Las Vegas, it costs close to $200 to become a notary. All to make $5 for a signature. The travel fees help, but the fee schedule for that is so complicated it's not worth even trying to figure out if you only occasionally do mobile notaries.


28 Nov 2016

Martha, notaries that charge $100 are likely notarizing loan documents and are Licensed Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor (TIPIC). This is a negotiated fee between the TIPIC and the signing company. For more information about TIPIC requirements, go the Maryland Insurance Commission website. Let me know if this was helpful


28 Nov 2016

what kind of money can I expect being a Mobile signing agent?

National Notary Association

30 Nov 2016

Hi Edna. It depends on many factors, including the demand for notarization services in your area, the distance you are willing to travel and the hours you are available. The following article has some tips for making a successful living as a mobile Notary:

Alan Jorgensen

28 Nov 2016

The requirements to be a notary are different in each state. Some state don't require background checks and some can apply online with little training and testing. I agree there should be better fees, but only if the requirements to be a notary are strengthened.


29 Nov 2016

I think the State's Notary Fees should increase to at least $5.00 per signature. People have been complaining that it is very difficult to find a Notary when you need one.

Denise Varallo

30 Nov 2016

The notary fees are pitiful. How is one supposed to get by?


30 Nov 2016

Is it, here in California $10.00 per Notary signature or $10.00 for each each signature the notary is certifying.

National Notary Association

30 Nov 2016

Hello Ivan. In California the current maximum fee is $10 per signature notarized. Please note that the fees are changing in January 2017. Please see this article for more information:


30 Nov 2016

I am mobile and a loan sigining agent as well. Thats the way to go to make ends meat as a notary.

Peter Pedersen

30 Nov 2016

The fees are criminally low except thr no fee schedule. Its no wonder you cant find notaries when banks close etc. New price reforms for a very risky job. Especially if the ckiente is scandalous for getting documents etc notarized. TLC insurance your notary stam or notary embosser. The time it takes to do it and to make sure it's right it's just not worth it LSU to mobile or other notary task such as Market signings but many states don't allow you to do it legally. If people can flip over and get $15 and ours certainly no reason should be able to get at least that much personalization for certain types of documents and at least 10 to 12 or any other type of Peru notarisation or document. Better yet I like that you know fee schedule is too many rest and too much drama to put up pictures a couple bucks r notarization

Ann Krawczyk

01 Dec 2016

I believe that Notary Fees are much too low $25 would make much more current


19 Jan 2017

I am a notary in RI. I don't charge anything for my services so it doesn't matter to me what the fee is for the state. I am not in it to make money just trying to help. I don't do a large volume of notarizing but I think the fees should stay low.


20 Jan 2017

$15 for a notary signature in california!!!? Seriously, does notarizing a document more work than a barber's? Ridiculous!!! Just because you want to make a living doesn't mean you can charge what ever you want. Glad the banks are offering free notary service!!!


20 Jan 2017

$15 for a notary signature in california!!!? Seriously, does notarizing a document more work than a barber's? Ridiculous!!! Just because you want to make a living doesn't mean you can charge what ever you want. Glad the banks are offering free notary service!!!


16 Feb 2017

I paid to take the test to be notarized and I also paid for my notary stamp. ( I was required to do so by my place of employment). In the state of Ohio, charging $2 hasn't even covered the cost of taking the test to be notarized and purchasing my supplies. So, as mentioned above, who would want to be a notary public?

16 Feb 2017

The notarization fees are just that: a maximum to charge for verifying/acknowledging a clients signature. However, when running a business your fees for printing/travel/and explaining other documents are within your scope to charge as the market will bear. Don't be intimidated from charging a well deserved business fee for your hard work.

Wayne Brunelle

06 Apr 2017

If our state wants their hands controlling how much I charge for notarial services on the lame excuse that by doing so allows all people access to a notary regardless of their ability to pay, then the state should also control how much attorneys charge for the exact same lame reason. If the state pays my business expenses and for food for my family, then I would welcome the state dictating how much I can charge for my services.

Eva m Jimenez

22 Jun 2017

I'm a full time california mobile notary. i came upon this article because i was researching the fees of different states. i wanted to expand the business to other states, but now it seems my options are very limited. before i read this article i had no idea how badly other state's notaries are treated. i thought we had it bad in California but it seems notaries are the lowest paid government employees/servants. i employ other notaries and i can speak for us all - we earn every cent we charge. most jobs are 40 minutes on average not including the additional 30 min avg travel time to, this is not including the return travel. also, when one deals with the public there are always issues that come up i.e., expired/no identification, unable to physically sign, waiting for clients to prep the documents, waiting for clients to arrive, difficult clients... and these are everyday occurrences. also, my business is in an extremely densely populated county and is home to one of our states largest medical industries, so we travel often to businesses and hospitals. so i guess the point I'm trying to make is that as notaries we should value our work more because we deserve fair pay. a starting government employee makes about $55,000 . why should notaries deserve any less...? what can we do to bring attention to this?

Roger Rill

29 Aug 2017

Ohio fee for jurats is $1.50, not $2 - please correct.

National Notary Association

30 Aug 2017

Thank you for your message, we've updated the chart with the correction.


07 Sep 2017

I don't get it. And I've discussed this with an ATTORNEY. He doesn't get it. Assuming I'm in MD, if we can charge $4 per "notorial act" how does this translate into reality. Say you're sitting with two people and they each sign 10 times. Am I charging $80 (not including trip fees)? Or, am I only charging when I clamp down that seal? Also, the "copies" language is equally confusing. If I am notarizing a first copy for those same two people, is that an additional $40 I can charge? Or, only $1 a page?

National Notary Association

08 Sep 2017

Hello. In Maryland, you may charge a fee of $4 maximum for each separate original notarial act performed. (ACM St. Gov. 18-112[a] and CMR However if you are asked to notarize multiple signatures for the same person on several copies of an identical document, you may charge $2.00 for notarizing each of that person's signatures on the original or first copy of the document, and may demand and receive a maximum of $1.00 for each time the same person needs their signature notarized on additional copies of the same document. (CMR


08 Sep 2017

Is there a limit to how much a notary can charge? I went to get to forms notories cost was $10.00 each

National Notary Association

13 Sep 2017

Hello. The maximum fee a Notary may charge depends on individual state law. What state are you located in?


05 Oct 2017

I live in NYC. Is the max $2? because I went to get a document notarized and was charged $20.

National Notary Association

05 Oct 2017

The maximum fees that a New York Notary may charge for a notarial act are (EL 136): 1. Taking an acknowledgment or proof: $2 per person, plus $2 for each witness sworn in; 2. Administering an oath or affirmation including, as applicable, any jurat certificate: $2 per person (except where another fee is specifically prescribed by statute); 3. Executing a protest: 75 cents per protest and 10 cents per notice of protest, not exceeding five notices (EL 135).

Rachel Ciccairi

26 Oct 2017

I read in a few articles and Notary updates that NY was increasing from $2 to $3. This chart still reflects $2. Can anyone clarify?

National Notary Association

27 Oct 2017

Hello. The maximum Notary fee in New York is still $2. Please see here:

Linda Adams

30 Oct 2017

Readers should be aware that this article, and most likely the information provided, was current in and originated in 2016.


11 Jan 2018

A notary wants to charge me 210 for notarizing a document with 2 signatures. Can they do this.

National Notary Association

11 Jan 2018

Hello Cindy. Notary fees vary depending on state law. What state are you located in, please?


24 Feb 2018

I just got charged $16 for two signatures on two separate bill of sales at my local UPS store in Rhode Island. Why aren’t they charging the max fees stated on this site. Is it legal? Can they get in trouble for not charging what the state requires?

National Notary Association

26 Feb 2018

Hello. The maximum fee that may be charged for notarizations in Rhode Island is: 1. Taking an acknowledgment: $1; 2. Taking an affidavit: 25 cents; 3. Noting a marine protest, $1; drawing, extending and recording a marine protest, $1.50; 4. Recording a protest* for nonacceptance or nonpayment, if amount involved is $500 dollars or more, $1; if less than $500, 50 cents; noting nonacceptance or nonpayment, 25 cents; for each notice given to a party liable for payment, 25 cents. (GL 42-30-13)


26 Feb 2018

I am in NJ, where the max fee is $2.50. How are places like the UPS Store charging $10?I've also seen others charging $25.00. Am I missing something? Is the $2.50 the legal maximum you're allowed to charge?

National Notary Association

26 Feb 2018

Hello. Yes, you are correct, $2.50 is the maximum for each notarial act in New Jersey (NJSA 22A:4-14).


15 Apr 2018

Hi, I'm a notary in NC, intending to become a signing agent as well. I want to start charging travel fees also. May I start an LLC to do so?

National Notary Association

16 Apr 2018

Hello Jessica. The North Carolina Secretary of State's office has strongly discouraged the operation of Signing Agents in North Carolina, and limits the fees Notaries may charge to the statutory maximum fees for notarial acts. No other ancillary fees may be charged and North Carolina Notaries are not authorized to charge travel fees. Please see here:


01 May 2018

Is the $5 fee for Alabama the max a Notary can charge regardless of the # of signatures?

National Notary Association

02 May 2018

Hello. Alabama permits Notaries to charge a maximum fee of $5 for each Notarial act performed. See COA 36-20-74: and COA 36-20-73:

Tameka Bell

20 May 2018

I'm in Florida. I charge $3 sometimes $10 depending. I will charge notary, plus travel fee if I'm traveling more than 10miles. I will charge $5/hour for my time if I have to wait with the client at an agency or location. I will also charge if I'm called for an emergency after hours at the hospital. Notary is an additional service and not my main employment.


31 May 2018

I live in Georgia and I am wanting to become a notary part time. I am looking at these fees and I can only charge $2 per signature? I thought at one point we could charge $25 and then if it is more than a certain amount of pages then we would charge per page. I don't know where I heard it or when, but would like some confirmation and also will the person needing the notary pay me and how do they pay me?

National Notary Association

31 May 2018

Hello. The maximum fee for a notarization in Georgia is $2 (OCGA 45-17-11).


01 Jun 2018

Hello, I am in a new mobile notary public in Maryland. Can someone please explain the fees in layman's terms? I read the handbook several times and the wording used is very confusing. To my understanding, a mobile notary in Maryland may charge a $5 flat rate .31 cent per mile. The part that I am confused about is are we allowed to charge an additional $4 per document notarized or $4 per signature. What exactly counts as a "notarial act?"

National Notary Association

01 Jun 2018

Hello. A notarial act means any notarization you perform such as acknowledgment or jurat. In Maryland, you may charge $4 for each notarization you perform on an original document. If you are asked to notarize duplicate copies of the same document, you may charge $2 for the first copy of the original that you notarize, and $1 for each additional copy of the original document after the first. (ACM St. Gov. 18-112[a], CMR and CMR


18 Jun 2018

Please be advised that as of March 2018 Arizona Notary is $10 per notarization.

National Notary Association

19 Jun 2018

Hi James, thanks for pointing this out. We have updated the information for Arizona in the chart.


16 Jul 2018

The maximum cost for a notary in Massachusetts is $1.25. This is spelled out clearly in the state Law.

National Notary Association

17 Jul 2018

Hello. Chapter 262, Section 41 which you link to sets fees for protests only. The state of Massachusetts does not set fees for acknowledgments or jurats.

jacqeulyn Brock

24 Jul 2018

Does Georgia still just charge $2.00 is that for all papers that need to be notarized, or just simple letter.

National Notary Association

25 Jul 2018

Hello. They maximum fee you may charge in Georgia is $2 for each notarization performed, regardless of the type of document notarized.


25 Jul 2018

So in Virginia is charging $25 for online notarization. They said that it's notary, administration fees, verification fee...blah blah blah. I read the new legislation for video-audio that allows them to notarize for any state BUT I don't see where it allows them to charge ANY FEE higher than state mandated. Someone know anything about this?

National Notary Association

26 Jul 2018

Hello. Virginia authorizes Notaries to charge up to $25 when notarizing electronic documents. “A notary may, for taking and certifying the acknowledgment of any electronic document, or administering and certifying an oath or affirmation, or certifying electronic affidavits and depositions of witnesses, or certifying that a copy of an electronic document is a true copy thereof, charge a fee not to exceed $25” (COV 47.1-19[B]).

02 Aug 2018

I am the state of Nevada. For what we all pay no matter what state to become notary's I think nothing under $10.00 a signature is fair to us

Mark Winer

28 Sep 2018

It is a public service NOT a way to make money. My town clerk does not charge anything at all.


03 Nov 2018

Yeah all you people complaining should be able to charge much more in order to watch someone sign a paper, how dare them. It's a service, being a notary public is not an occupation

Pat walsh

15 Nov 2018

Just became a notary in Illinois! Illinois notaries cannot charge more then $1 per signature, how are you suppose to eat on this chump change.


01 Jan 2019

I'm located in Mississippi, and I want to become a mobile notary. I can not figure how much to charge for travel. And can a charge $5.00 each signature?

National Notary Association

02 Jan 2019

Hello. “A notary may charge a travel fee when traveling to perform a notarial act if: “1. the notary and the person requesting the notarial act agree upon the travel fee in advance of the travel; and 2. the notary explains to the person requesting the notarial act that the travel fee is both separate from the notarial fee ... and neither specified nor mandated by law” (1 MAC Pt. 5, R. 050.5.11[B]). If you choose to charge a fee, you may charge anywhere between a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $5 per signature notarized (or per person you administer an oath to) (1 MAC Pt. 5, R. 050.5.11[A]) and (MCA 25-7-29). However, you may also choose not to charge a fee for humanitarian or charitable reasons (1 MAC Pt. 5, R. 050.5.10[B]).


29 Mar 2019

Mark Winer, the Town Clerk doesn't charge you anything to notarize your signature on a document, however, he/she still gets paid for notarizing your signature. The town Clerk, I'm guessing, is paid a salary or hourly wage. So, the notarization is not free; everyone in your community paid a little bit of the clerk's salary, for you to get a "free" notarization.

Maria Gomez

09 Sep 2019

I have several clients come to me and tell me that other notaries start charges at $10-$50 depending on a document. I’ve also had clients tell me they’ve had notaries charge them $100 for a notarized document. I am confused on price for a notarized document that should be $6 plus $1 for an additional document? Please advise , M. Gomez, TEXAS

National Notary Association

10 Sep 2019

Hello. The maximum fees that a Texas Notary or the Notary’s employer may charge for a notarial act are (GC 406.024[a]): 1. Taking an acknowledgment or proof: $6 for the first signature and $1 for each additional signature; 2. Administering an oath or affirmation, with certificate and seal: $6; 3. Providing a copy of a record or paper kept in the Notary’s office: 50 cents per page; 4. Taking a deposition: $6 for the oath, certificate, seal and other business connected with the deposition, plus 50 cents per 100 words; 5. Protesting for nonacceptance or nonpayment, register and seal, $4; each notice of protest, $1;certificate and seal to a protest, $4; protesting in all other cases, $4. 6. Certificate under seal not otherwise provided for: $6 7. Performing any other lawful notarial act: $6.

Wanda Johnson

06 Nov 2019

I agree that the cost should be $25.00 per document. It's not often you use your notary. People go to their banks who don't charge their customers. I say raise the price for all states to $25.00. We pay more to take the class and renew the certification.


06 Dec 2019

Massachusetts does have a maximum, it's $1.25 per signature.

National Notary Association

10 Dec 2019

Hello. We apologize, but we have been unable to find the fee schedule you are citing in the Massachusetts Notary statutes. Please note that the website you are referencing is not a Massachusetts government website, does not provide a statute citation and their information may not be up to date. Can you provide us with the statute number with the fee schedule you are describing?


14 Jan 2020

Hello. I am new Public Notary for the state of Colorado. I read that we are only allow to charge $5 per document. Does this mean if 6 people are signing the document and I am having to sign and stamp 6 times, I can still only charge $5? I am so confused. I thought it was $5 per stamp, but I guess I am wrong. Can someone please help verify and confirm? Thanks!

National Notary Association

14 Jan 2020

“Except as specified in subsection (2) of [CRS 24-21-529], the fees of a notary public may be, but must not exceed, five dollars for each document attested by a person before a notary, except as otherwise provided by law. The fee for each such document must include all duties and functions required to complete the notarial act in accordance with this part 5” (CRS 24-21-529[a]).


20 Jan 2020

I found the information on this site to be very helpful. A note to those complaining about the max amount a notary can charge, as another posted, notary services fees are set by the state and is designed to be accessible to everyone. Thus, not ideal if your banking on this as your primary source of income. I applaud for their quick replies to inquiries posted.


14 Feb 2020

I would like to get a lawful breakdown as to how much a notary can charge for services provided in Illinois. I have just received my notary commission. I would like to be clear so I can be fair to market rate. Thanks!

National Notary Association

14 Feb 2020

Hello.The maximum fee that may be charged by an Illinois Notary for any notarial act is $1.


08 Mar 2020

In reference to StacieH14 Jan 2020 and Colorado laws: National Notary Association14 Jan 2020 To be clear: $5 per stamp -2 times would be $10 - 2 people signing= $20 (completing the document) OR If 6 people sign that would be $30 total document not counting how many times I stamp?

National Notary Association

12 Mar 2020

Hello. The maximum fee in Colorado is $5 for each document attested by a person before a Notary (CRS 24-21-529[a]).

J. Moore

05 Apr 2020

How easy is it or what steps are required if I’m already a notary in TX to be a mobile notary??

National Notary Association

06 Apr 2020

Please see here for more information:

Henry Palmer

23 May 2020

Looking for federal/state amount to charge for mileage/traveling fee in the state of Utah.

National Notary Association

27 May 2020

Hello. You can find information on federal mileage rates here:

Mitch Gregory

12 Jul 2020

I was interested in becoming a notary here in Manhattan, NYC as a "side gig" that also provided a fulfilling, great public service. But, it costs quite a bit to complete training, take the exam, pay the application fee, fingerprinting, buying the stamp, running a website, etc. for $2.00 maximum charge per notarial act. When researching other notary services in Manhattan, I discovered a website that is charging $65-$85 for personal and legal documents, and $250-$350 for Apostille documents, in addition, upwards of $75 extra for "rush fee" and anywhere from $15-$50 for mailing fees. When considering becoming a notary, in my mind, this was likely the types of fees one could charge, based on complexity of the documents, because after all, doesn't the notary have to review and read entire documents and understand them before signing and providing the seal for legal purposes? Also, if the New York State law mandates $2.00 maximum charge per notarial act, how is the person I found online getting away with charging such high fees without being fined or losing their notary? I'd like to pursue this, but I'm very confused on what is allowable to charge for your services versus the complexity of the documents, accountability, etc. Any insight or recommendation is greatly appreciated.

National Notary Association

14 Jul 2020

The maximum fees that a New York Notary may charge for a notarial act are (EL 136): 1. Taking an acknowledgment or proof: $2 per person, plus $2 for each witness sworn in; 2. Administering an oath or affirmation including, as applicable, any jurat certificate: $2 per person (except where another fee is specifically prescribed by statute); 3. Executing a protest: 75 cents per protest and 10 cents per notice of protest, not exceeding five notices (EL 135). New York Notary law does not address fees for services apart from notarization such as travel to a customer, mailing documents, etc. For more discussion of this issue, please see this article:

Dora G Concha

29 Jul 2020

I just became a Notary Public in Texas. My question is where do you send the fees collected for the notarial acts????

National Notary Association

29 Jul 2020

Hello. Are you referring to the fee paid to you for a notarization?

Jeffrey Colton

02 Oct 2020

What if your state (KY) has not notarial act fee schedule and you are a signing agent? What becomes deductible/exempt and what doesn't? If I do a REFI for $120, can I consider the entire charge a notarial act for IRS purposes being there are no state regs stipulating otherwise?

National Notary Association

02 Oct 2020

Hello. We're sorry, but you will need to contact the IRS or a qualified tax professional for advice on your individual tax returns.

Helen Dixon

17 Oct 2020

I live in Florida and I provide loan services, since the pandemic I'm getting requests to notarize documents. Can we charge $10.00 plus additional fees per signature and mileage?

National Notary Association

19 Oct 2020

Hello. In Florida, “The fee of a notary public may not exceed $10 for any one notarial act, except as provided in section 117.04 (i.e., rite of matrimony fee) or s. 117.275 (online notarization fees)” (FS 117.05[2][a]). Florida's Reference Manual for Notaries states that if Notaries charge fees for other services not directly related to the notarization, the Notary must provide the customer with an itemized list of charges beforehand.


09 Dec 2020

Why do you continue to give standard answers that provide no information. If NJ fees are $2.50 per notary act why is UPS charging $6 or $10 dollars for a single acknowledgment. Are they acting illegally or are there any provisions under which this can be justified?

National Notary Association

10 Dec 2020

Hello. We apologize, but we did not find a previous question from you in the comments section of this article, so we're not clear what additional information you are requesting. In states that publish a fee schedule for Notaries, Notaries may charge up to the maximum amount set by the fee schedule, and may not charge over that maximum.


16 Dec 2020

In the State of Washington it states $10.00 per signature. This is for a loan closing; so is it $10.00 per signature or $10.00 per signature that has to be notarized? Loan closing documents have so many signatures but may only 8 that have to be notarized. Thank you

National Notary Association

17 Dec 2020

Hello. Washington's fee schedule is for notarial acts. You would not be able to charge a person a notarization fee simply for writing a signature without a notarial act being performed. “The maximum fees a notary may charge for notarial acts are… “Witnessing or attesting a signature $10.00 “Taking acknowledgment or verification upon oath or affirmation $10.00 “Certifying or attesting a copy $10.00 “Administering an oath or affirmation $10.00 “Certifying that an event has occurred or an act has been performed $10.00” (WAC 308-30-220[1]).

05 Jan 2021

So, here is Colorado, we can charge max $5 per document. I will charge a 'service fee' of $25-$35 to cover gas, time, my expertise, my service, wear and tear on the car, etc. I will limit the distance I will go. If the distance is over that, I will charge the IRS rate for each mile. Thoughts?

National Notary Association

06 Jan 2021

Hello. Colorado's Notary statutes do not address travel and mileage fees for Notaries. In cases where state laws don't provide guidance for travel fees, we recommend that Notaries agree upon the amount with the signer before the notarization takes place. Please see this article for more information:

Gerard Ashton

21 Jan 2021

The fees listed for Vermont are outdated. Most Vermont notaries may negotiate any fee the client and notary deem mutually acceptable. There are some exceptions, such as a notary who works in a town clerk's office and is designated to perform notarizations for the public free of charge.

National Notary Association

29 Jan 2021

Hello. Thank you for letting us know. We'll revise the fee information when we update the article.


22 Jan 2021

I’m from NY and just recently started think about becoming a notary. I’m happy I came across this article because now I might not do it. The standard answer that continues to be provided as to why businesses are able to charge way more than an individual is basically no answer at all. And I can’t help that it also leads me to believe there are a different set of fees businesses are allowed to charge customers. There has to be; way too many people have written in about this and it’s not seen as a red flag.

MariaEstrella Palma

14 May 2021

I totally agree with you! If you Goggle Notary Income it states 46,000 in Nebraska where at in Nebraska is my question??? Now here we are 2021 Gas Shortage and still our Travel Fee has not been raised!

Leah Christie

07 Jun 2022

I'm confused. I just became a notary and I was told the most that I could charge is $15. Yet someone else just went to UPS and they got charged $60 for one document on a weekend. Why is this allowed?

National Notary Association

08 Jun 2022

Hello. To help us answer your question, can you please tell us what state you are commissioned in?


07 Sep 2022

This question has still not been answered clearly- Does “notarial act” mean I can charge the state fee “per page” (where client signs or initials within one document) OR “per document” ( no matter how many times a client placed their signature or initials within that document)?

National Notary Association

07 Sep 2022

Hello. We are sorry, but we were unable to find the previous question posted by you. Can you please tell us which state you are asking about?

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