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March Fong Eu Recipients

2023 Jay Ashcroft
Missouri Secretary of State
2022 Timothy Reiniger
Digital Counsel, eNotaryLog, LLC
2021 Lori Hamm
Notary Program Specialist, Montana Secretary of State's Office
2020 Connie Lawson
Indiana Secretary of State
2019 Dr. Christophe Bernasconi
Secretary General of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH)
2018 Bob Murphy
Former CEO of Lender's Service, Inc. and ValuAmerica
2017 Alicia Stewart
Notary Public Manager, California Secretary of State's Office
2016 Automobile Club Of Southern California
Centralized Notary Administration Program
2015 Tom Wrosch
Notary & Business Outreach, Corporate Division, Oregon Secretary of State's Office
2014 JPMorgan Chase & Co.
One Chase Notary Program
2013 Linda McCulloch
Montana Secretary of State
2012 Catherine Cortez Masto
Nevada Attorney General
2011 Patricia B. Fry
Chair, Drafting Committee for the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, NCCUSL
2010 Mike Shea 
Director of Licensing & Enforcement, Colorado Secretary of State's Office
2009 Mark Bennett 
Hawaii Attorney General
2008 Mitt Romney 
Governor of Massachusetts from 2003-2007
2007 Pedro Cortes 
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
2006 Elaine Marshall 
North Carolina Secretary of State
2005 Jim Petro 
Ohio Attorney General
2004 John Henderson 
Enforcer & Educator
2003 Todd Kocourek 
Civil Law Notary Pioneer
2002 Susan Pense 
Colorado Notary Public
2001 Malcolm L. Morris 
Professor of Law, The John Marshall Law School
2000 Angel R. Marrero 
Attorney at Law, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1999 Fran Fish 
Notary Public Administrator, Utah
1998 Michael L. Closen 
Professor of Law at The John Marshall Law School
1997 Jane Dee Hull 
Arizona Secretary of State
1996 Kerey C. Carpenter 
Assistant General Counsel to the Governor of Florida
1995 Michael S. Baum 
Chairman of the Information Security Committee of the American Bar Association
1994 Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson 
Guam Attorney General
1993 Diane E. Watson 
California State Senator
1992 Fred R. Dudley
Florida State Senator
1991 Patricia A. Taggart 
Director of the Missouri Commission Division
1990 Barbara Roberts 
Oregon Secretary of State
1989 Peter Van Alstyne 
Director of the Utah Department of Corporations & Commercial Code
1988 Frank J. Warnke
Washington State Senator
1987 Grant Jones
Texas State Senator
1986 Thad Eure 
North Carolina Secretary of State
1985 Allen J. Beermann 
Nebraska Secretary of State
1984 Robert A. Stein 
Dean of the University of Minnesota Law School
1983 Carolyn Jones
Notary Public & Court Reporter for the U.S. Air Force
1982 Raymond C. Rothman 
Founder of the National Notary Association
1981 Eugene A. Burdick 
Judge of the Fifth Judicial District of North Dakota (retired)
1980 James C. Kirkpatrick 
Missouri Secretary of State
1979 March Fong Eu 
California Secretary of State