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California Governor Approves 50 Percent Raise For State’s Notaries

CA Notaries get first raise in 23 years

California Notaries got their first raise in more than two decades this week after Governor Jerry Brown authorized a new $15 fee cap for acknowledgments and jurats — a 50 percent increase over the state’s previous maximum allowable fee for notarial acts.

AB 2217, effective as of January 1, 2017, also raises fees for other notarial acts. The last time maximum allowable fees were increased in California was in 1993 when the cap was set at $10.

California Notaries React To Raise

Excitement spread quickly across social media with Notaries from California and the national community celebrating the news amid calls-to-action for fee increases in other states. “What a great day for us California Notaries!” wrote Anna Gutierrez of Sacramento. “Finally! Two decades is a long time to wait for a raise, but now it's our time as Notaries to succeed like never before,” wrote Jennifer Singleton of Los Angeles.

Longtime Notaries said the increase will help in many ways, particularly in offsetting their cost of doing business. But more important, it will help improve the public’s perception of Notaries as professionals.

“Raising fees was so necessary. What Notaries have to know to perform their duties has changed so much,” said Valerie Barrett, owner of Notary Docs in Orange County, California. “I think it’s so exciting that the state is increasing our fees. Congratulations to NNA for supporting Notaries on this issue.”

A Champion Of Notaries

While Governor Brown signed the bill, AB 2217 was the brainchild of California State Assembly Member David Hadley (R-66) — a champion of Notaries as small businesspeople who believes they should be allowed to set their own prices like other professional service providers.

“I am so pleased that AB 2217 passed both houses of the Legislature and was signed by Governor Brown,” Hadley said. “This accomplishment was significantly aided by the passionate and overwhelming support of Notaries across California who engaged in the legislative process by adding their voices to this effort in record numbers. An increase in the maximum allowed fee is long overdue as is evidenced by the over 50 percent increase in the Consumer Price Index since the last time the Notary fee cap was raised, and I would like to thank Governor Brown for signing this common-sense measure.”

How Notaries Contributed To AB 2217

California Notaries played an important role in getting the fee increase approved. More than 1,200 sent messages of support to Hadley after an article appeared in the Notary Bulletin encouraging Notaries to speak out. As a result, the measure sailed through the California State Legislature.

California Notaries weren’t the only ones to react to the news, as many from other states chimed in. “I think they did the right thing. It's about time Texas raised Notary fees,” wrote Bobby King.

“When will Pennsylvania do this?” asked Brian Stennett. “I wish we could charge more than $2 in Indiana,” wrote Latauria Keya Williams.

The California measure is part of a larger trend to increase the fees Notaries may charge for their services. Earlier this year, Kentucky, Hawaii and the District of Columbia enacted fee measures, and a number of other states are considering them.

Michael Lewis is Managing Editor of member publications for the National Notary Association.

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22 Aug 2016

Is it just acknowledgments and jurats that are raised to $15?

National Notary Association

22 Aug 2016

Hello. The new law also increases the maximum fee for several other notarial acts, such as raising the maximum fee for taking a deposition to $30. You can read the full list of fee increases here:


22 Aug 2016

Well it's about time. Thank you Governor Brown. Twenty three years is a long time with no raise for us self employed Notaries. This will definitely help offset our expenses that we endure and the knowledge that we have to learn year after year for the changing laws associated with being a Notary Public. Hopefully, the Nationwide Signing Services, for loan document signings, will follow, and charge their clients accordingly and pay us notaries fairly.Loan signings are the bulk of our business. This $15 per signature, per document fee doesn't do us much good if our loan signing fees remain the same. As a Certified Notary Signing Specialist, we are paid a flat fee which never amounts to the $15/signature/document. If it did, us notaries would be very well off. So, hopefully, our signing fees will increase too. Again, thank you Governor Brown.

Diana Monzon

22 Aug 2016

So happy!!!! California raising the price is a goal accomplished! !!yooohooooo...


22 Aug 2016

Awesome news!


22 Aug 2016

To the guy from Indiana: when you pay California prices, i.e., 1.5 million for a 1 bedroom apartment or $3500 in rent for same, you will deserve the raise from $2.00.


22 Aug 2016

Thank you Gov. Brown. This will aid in furthering the acknowledgement and importance that Notary Public's play in conducting legalized business in the state of California.


22 Aug 2016

Thanks Governor Brown. 23 years is really a long time. I am trying to get my Notary singing Specialist lic soon and hope that fees will also increase. Thanks again Governor Brown,.

Alicia Hille

22 Aug 2016

I am a small business owner and am very pleased with Governor Browns decision to raise the Notary fees. With the cost of liability insurance, education and time it takes for us to complete an acknowledgement the 10.00 charge was not enough. I hope other States follow California. I also pay royalty fees for owning a franchise so now hopefully more money will be in my pocket. With minimum wage going up in January this will help offset my employees increases.

Clare Corre

22 Aug 2016

What Carol said... Documents in a common loan signing package needed notarization: DOT, Occupancy Statement, Compliance Agreement, Correction Agreement, Signature/Name Affidavit, Trust Certification, Owner's Affidavit, among others -- that's 7 x 2 husband and wife signers = 14 notarizations for which I currently usually get $100 per signing. Do you think the title companies will increase the signing fee on their own? Nope. Notaries have to start insisting on a fair wage and turning lowball offers down. Just my .02 for what its worth.

Judy Reyes

22 Aug 2016

@Carol Clow. Well stated. A fair system in the loan signings would be to count the number of signatures required to be notarized, and disclose this ahead of time to the signing agent. Then we signing agents could decide if the flat fee offered was fair or not, and whether or not to accept the assignment. I have had packages with 22 signatures to be notarized. Experienced signing agents: you recognize the problem here.

Murial Taylor

22 Aug 2016

Thank you Governor Brown for the passing of AB2217.

Guillermo Reyes

23 Aug 2016

I would like to thank David Hadley for AB 2217 and Governor Jerry Brown for signing it and to all the Notary Public's that voiced their support for this bill.

Carol Palinkas

24 Aug 2016

And here in Arizona it is still at the low, low fee of $2 per.


25 Aug 2016


Mona Meza

29 Aug 2016

I'm happy for the increase. However, the majority of my small business is working with signing companies which as mentioned in other comments they pay a flat rate. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a law passed that they had to pay notaries the states fees per notarizations? Instead, they keep more then half the fees that are paid out for closings while we do all the work. It so costly, wear and tear on our cars, gas, toners for our printers, paper, pens, etc. While it is good fees are going up, I still think it isn't enough. We are still being taken advantage of. I'm tired of being low balled.

rosemary cowan

13 Dec 2016


Jacquelyn Hoard

31 Oct 2023

These articles for raising Notary Fees are from 2016. Is there any discussion about raising Notary Fees currently? It has been 7 years and everything, including the costs to perform this noble work has gone up. For something that we continuously study for and purchase supplies for, the fee is very low.

National Notary Association

01 Nov 2023

Hello. You can find the most current list of state Notary fee schedules here: If any states introduce or pass laws to increase maximum Notary fees, we will update our readers.

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