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California Fee Increase Bill Receives Overwhelming Support From Notaries

California Notary fee increase bill

Thanks to messages of support from hundreds of California Notaries, a new bill proposing to raise the maximum state fee for notarizations is being fast-tracked through the state Legislature.

After the Notary Bulletin posted an article about several states considering fee increases, Assembly Member David Hadley, who authored Assembly Bill 2217, received more than 1,200 messages from Notaries supporting the measure. AB 2217 would raise the statutory limit on Notary fees for acknowledgments and jurats from $10 to $15, and raise the fees for other notarial acts as well.

Updated 8-3-16. Due to the outpouring of support, the bill was approved by the Assembly and the Senate. It is now before Governor Jerry Brown for his signature.

The NNA is sending an email to California Notaries with step-by-step instructions about how to contact the Governor’s office to urge him to sign the measure. 

The California measure is part of a larger trend in state legislatures to review the fees Notaries can charge. Among the notable fee measures, on April 8, 2016 the Kentucky Governor signed a law permitting Notaries to set their own fees.

For information on legislative developments in other states, the NNA’s online Notary Law Updates database provides searchable information on recent Notary law changes.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Mike Churchill

02 May 2016

The fee hasn't changed for years, but overheard has increased.

Gloria Lloyd

02 May 2016

I wholeheartedly support the increase in notary fees. It should be $20 per signature.

Chris Leon

02 May 2016

The Notary fees are still way low even if its raised to $15 Dlls, In my opinion shall be raised at least to $20 Dlls per signature, $15 Dlls is still ridiculous.

Chris Eon

02 May 2016

It is unfortunate that the Notary job is still treated like a temporary job, as if you were working at McDonals just waiting for a better opoortunity while in reality there are many many Notaries who make their daily living by being a Notary, I think $15 Ddls per signature is ridiculous for so much Liability

Fernnelia Payne

02 May 2016

I am glad California Notary fees is being considered for an increased. I am a mobile notary so I charge a flat travel fee which helps. However, since I have retired, performing notary service has become my only job now. So I like the ideal of being able to earn a little bit more, especially since gas prices continues to go up.

Elizabeth Martinez

04 May 2016

This is good that the California Notary fees are being considered for an increase. I think it is too low at $10. At this amount I understand why people let thier commission expire


05 May 2016

It's a start

Norma Jean Sierra

06 May 2016

Gosh, I was a notary many years ago...and still the fee is ten bucks for our notary services...and increase is long overdue. Twenty dollars is good, but depending on the notary is what is important and fees should align with the work. Norma Jean Sierra


07 Jun 2016

California needs to raise the notary fees to $25 per signature. It's already expensive to live here, enough said.

Walter Farfan

19 Jul 2016

I was wondering if anyone else thinks that the CA senate is still out to lunch on this matter??? When will the price increase take affect???

Mary Thomason

03 Aug 2016


Carrie Perez

04 Aug 2016

Yes, an increase would be nice.

Nirmal Ranu

08 Aug 2016

Proper motorization takes quite a bit of your totally dedicated attention and time hence fee increase seems very justified.

Christina W Johnsen

08 Aug 2016

Why is there such a variance in what states allow per signature? In Illinois it is $1.00.

John Minjiras

08 Aug 2016

Considering the liability and importance of a notary public, the cost should be $20.00. When would it go into effect?

Geneva williams

08 Aug 2016

the fee should be changed to $30.00 because the risk is SOON HIGH. WE ARE LIABLE FOR EVERYTHING the notary companies do not respect NOTARY BY PAYING SUCH A LOW FEE FOR MORTGAGE SIGNINGS. THEY MAKE THE MONEY WE TAKE ALL THE RISK.


08 Aug 2016

Has anyone heard if Governor Brown signed the $15 a signature into law yet? The senate passed it on Aug 3.

Carmen Murillo-Moyeda

08 Aug 2016

I wholeheartedly support the fee increase to $15! It's been long overdue, plus if it's going to take years before another increase can happen, we really should be seeking an increase to $20 now.

Karolin Savarani

08 Aug 2016

CA notary fees have not changed in the past 20 years, yet the cost to renew Notary commission along with other expenses have gone's about time now!

Alan Jorgensen

08 Aug 2016

This is a good thing. However I have some signings that have 20-30 notarization's and they will be equivalent to $300 plus California notary value with this increase. Now how do signing companies justify the paltry $100 to do a signing! We work hard accommodating late printing, large page count, travel time and rechecking time.

Mona meza

08 Aug 2016

I am trying to establish a business and $10.00 is just not cutting it. Especially when signing companies charge their clients $150.00 - 300.00 for notary fees and we get $60-100.00. We are the ones putting ware and tear on our vehicles and have take the liability risk if something goes wrong. Not to mention gas and all the fees that go along keeping certications updated and the costly materials to stay in business. It is very hard to turn a profit.

Mark Dahl

08 Aug 2016

The fee for notarization should be AT LEAST $20 per signature!!! I've had customers tell me $10 is "NOT ENOUGH" for what we do!!!

John Minjiras

11 Aug 2016

It should be $20.00 for each notary as the notary has such a large responsibility and liability. When will this bill take effect in California.

Jackie Bagatourian

15 Aug 2016

Yes, the fee should be raised to $15, if not $20!!

John Kaloper

16 Aug 2016

I agree with all of the comments. The disadvantage all notaries have is unity. We are all over the place By not having a organized union the notaries are at the mercy of the large signing companies and either take what they offer or they have the sources to locate someone who will take the business. You will always have someone who will take it . Who looses out? you. Why is it that states that are attorney states get a substantial fee such as Georgia a min. of $500 if you come to their office and more if they come to you and we in California especially Southern Calif. $60 to $70 and they are doing the same job as we do and do make mistakes. I have seen it.

Donna Beaman

17 Aug 2016

So glad the fee is moving upward since it's so expensive to live here

13 Oct 2016

This increase is Long Overdue. The notary commission has been $10 since back in the 80's when I started in escrow, if not longer. There should also be a minimum for these notary company's. I've been getting them for $50. That's ridiculous for all the work we do. Print 2 sets of docs, scan or fax back the required documents. The only thing paid for is the return shipping label. But we still have to drive to drop the docs off. This is highway robbery. I sure hope they're made aware of the increase as well.

John Public

21 Apr 2017

$15 for one signature seems fair but when you have multiple signatures needed for one set of documents, it can really add up. We needed 8 documents for our Estate Plan and Trust signed and notarized. Total cost... $240. Seems a little excessive to me.


23 Apr 2017

$20 to look at a CDL and confirm identity, put your stamp and signature?

National Notary Association

24 Apr 2017

Hello. The current maximum Notary fee in California is $15.


16 Oct 2017

Executing and stamping an acknowledgment and transcribing it in your book takes around 2-4 minutes a signature. If you prorate that at the new $15 dollar rate that equates to $450-$225 dollars an hour. While I understand it is impossible to achieve that rate, it is LAUGHABLE to consider that the "value add" or "service" a notary provides is commensurate with that rate of pay. You realize that is roughly the starting rate for lawyers?Do you think you deserve to get paid as much as attorneys? You serve as nothing more than a witness to the execution of documents. New York got it right at $2 a sig. You lot asking for $20 a sig are truly deluded if you feel what you do merits that predatory rate.


02 Feb 2024

Not only overheard, also Overhead!!

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