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Signing Agent Background Screening Process

Safeguarding Consumer Privacy

The mortgage industry requires an annual background screening and compliance training for all individuals involved in the lending process — including Notary Signing Agents.

The NNA background screening includes identity verification, residence verification, federal criminal record database search, residence county criminal record search (through court records, not a database), state motor vehicle records search and an Office of Foreign Assets Control (known-terrorist list) check. Click here to view the new Signing Professional Workgroup Standards.

This comprehensive screening meets the highest lender standards and is far more expansive than other types of screenings. It is therefore recognized and accepted by several of the nation’s leading title and mortgage services companies.

The NNA background screening also eases the burden on Notary Signing Agents who might otherwise have to undergo individual background screenings for each company they work for.

How the Background Screening Process Works

Within 24 hours of registration, you will receive an e-mail that directs you to the secure website of our highly trusted background screening vendor, where you can submit the information required to initiate your screening process.

The entire background screening process is generally completed within five to ten business days. (Turn-around time for Alaska, California, District of Columbia, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington may be as long as 10-15 business days, due to special handling or additional forms requirements.)

You will be notified via email of whether your results do or do not meet the lending industry compliance requirements. You will be able to view your screening details on the secure website of our background screening agency. You have the right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in your report and disputed information will be reinvestigated. Please note that the National Notary Association does not have access to your screening details.

Once you become an NNA Certified and Background Screened Signing Agent, you will receive a priority-status listing in, the nation’s #1 Notary Signing Agent Directory — where your designation will give you the competitive edge to advance your career.

Click here to get started on your path to becoming an NNA Certified and Background Screened Notary Signing Agent.