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NNA Adds More User-Friendly Features To

Signing Agent profile updates is one of the best ways for Notary Signing Agents to get themselves in front of contracting companies, and the NNA has recently upgraded the website with new features to help users. These features include:

Improved Mobile Viewing And Enhanced Search Options:

Search functions have been simplified and streamlined. Visitors to looking for a Notary Signing Agent can simply type in a zip code, city, county or a Signing Agent’s name. Searches can also be refined to look for Signing Agents with specific training, languages spoken or mobile devices used.  The site has also been updated to provide an easier and faster user experience on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Real-Time Updates And Privacy Protection:

Any information or changes you make to your listing on will now show up immediately.

To protect your privacy, data on is secured and fully compliant with industry information protection standards. Signing Agents can update their profiles by logging in to their NNA account at

Status Information For Certified NSAs:

Search results on Signing are divided into three categories:

1) NNA Trained, Certified and Background Screened Signing Agents.

2) NNA Certified and Background Screened Signing Agents.

3) NNA Background Screened-only Signing Agents.

If you’ve completed the NNA’s NSA training or passed the NSA Certification Exam and a Background Screening within the last 12 months, that information not only is listed in your profile, but will also appear in search results when a viewer moves the cursor over your photo.  

For more information about and the NNA’s training, certification and background screening programs for Notary Signing Agents, please see our FAQ.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Sheila Stolpe

13 Apr 2016

Checking my profile

Kevin Shine

13 Apr 2016

If you are really wanting to add user-friendly features, you could start by making your pages readable. They NEVER load properly and are impossible to read.

National Notary Association

13 Apr 2016

Hi Kevin. We're sorry you are having issues reading our pages. If you can please email us at and let us know what type of device and browser you are using, and describe the details of the issues you are having, we'll be happy to try and help you resolve any problems.

Henry Bried

13 Apr 2016

I cannot read anything, is there a reson the info is blocked

National Notary Association

13 Apr 2016

Hello Henry. All our articles should be open to the public. If you can please email us at and tell us 1. What type of device you are using to view the articles (phone, laptop, etc.), 2. What browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) and describe the issue to us, we'll be happy to assist you in resolving any problems.

05 Aug 2020

Good morning, I finished the Signing Agent course more than two weeks ago but I have not received a diploma or certificate yet, my Backgraund was held 06/30/20 and it was perfect but I do not know if they did another at the end of this course, can you help me?

National Notary Association

05 Aug 2020

Hello. If you contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-876-6827 or, one of our representatives should be able to assist you.

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