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Make The Most Out Of Your Signing Agent Profile

Updated 8-10-22. is a nationwide directory of NSAs who have passed an NNA Signing Agent Background Screening.

If you have a profile there, it's very imporant to keep it up-to-date because many signing services and title companies look to to find qualified NSAs. 

Another reason is to make it easier for companies to reach you. Think of your Signing Agent profile as a digital business card that’s already in the hands of potential clients.

The third reason is to help clients filter search results to help companies find you more easily if you have special skills they need, such as:

  • You are fluent in a foreign language;
  • You provide service to rural or remote areas;
  • You are qualified to accept IPEN or RON assignments

Lastly, you can personalize your profile with details like how late you’re willing to work or if you work on the weekends, how long you’ve been a Notary Signing Agent, and if you have any other qualifications or reasons to be the Notary companies hire for loan signing jobs.

To update to your listing, log into using your email address and password, then select “My Signing Agent Profile” from the left-hand menu.


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Mary V. Damman

24 Aug 2015

How do I acquire Signing Agent and what is it exactly?

National Notary Association

24 Aug 2015

Hello. You can find more information about signing agents, what they do and how to become one here:

23 Jan 2022

Under "my nna", and "My Signing Agent Profile" it says "Active: No". Why does it say NO? I do have have an active Signing site

National Notary Association

25 Jan 2022

Hello. Please contact our Customer Care team at and provide them with your NNA member number, and they should be able to answer any questions about your membership profile.

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