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Make The Most Out Of Your Signing Agent Profile

Many signing services and title companies look to to find qualified NSAs. Simple updates to your profile can help bring in more business, while assuring hiring companies that you are certified, competent, and you’ve passed a background check.

To update to your listing, log into using your email address and password, then select “My Signing Agent Profile” from the left-hand menu.

The interactive infographic below shows how you can update each section. Use your cursor and hover over the numbers below to view the instructions. Or you can download instructions.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1. Your Notary Signing Agent profile on
Your Notary Signing Agent profile will automatically appear on after you pass your Background Screening, update your NSA Connection status, and make sure you have a primary address on your profile. If you wish not to advertise your NSA profile, click on the Edit link and then unclick "Show my listing on" box and save.

2. Include a Diverse Business Type
Include a Diverse Business Type if applicable

3. Update your Contact Information
Add or update your contact information in this section. You can add information on your company name, website, county, and phone numbers. You must have a primary address for your listing to appear on

4. Include Document Delivery Address
Include a document delivery address, if you use one.

5. Check 'OPT IN to NSA Connection' and select 'Show my Full Profile' or 'Partial Profile'
Check 'OPT IN to NSA Connection' and select 'Show my Full Profile' or 'Partial Profile'

6. Add a profile image
Make a great first impression with potential contracting companies by having a professional looking profile picture. Your image should be 125 pixels wide by 150 pixels high; no larger than 2 MB. File types accepted are: .jpg, .gif, or .png.

7. Add information to Notary Services Section
The Notary Services section allows you to provide information on your years of experience, hours of service, the distance you are willing to travel for a signing, and languages you speak.

8. Select your service area you will cover
Choose the counties in which you will provide signing services. Companies using can search by county to find you.

9. Add additional information (2000 word limit)
You may add any additional information that you feel will help you stand out to the title companies and signing services. Many NSAs use this section as a mini resume. There is a 2,000 character limit

What A Complete Listing On Looks Like
A complete NSA profile provides title companies and signing services the information they need to select you for loan signings. Keep your profile up-to-date. Don’t risk losing a job opportunity because of an outdated profile.

Complete NSA profile

What Potential Clients See First

A complete profile makes a strong impression when people search​

NSA profile that stands out from competition

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Mary V. Damman

24 Aug 2015

How do I acquire Signing Agent and what is it exactly?

National Notary Association

24 Aug 2015

Hello. You can find more information about signing agents, what they do and how to become one here:

23 Jan 2022

Under "my nna", and "My Signing Agent Profile" it says "Active: No". Why does it say NO? I do have have an active Signing site

National Notary Association

25 Jan 2022

Hello. Please contact our Customer Care team at and provide them with your NNA member number, and they should be able to answer any questions about your membership profile.

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