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New Diversity Profile Feature Provides A Competitive Edge

Notaries should update their profiles to reflect any diverse business certifications they have.

Lenders and financial institutions are committed to working with Notary signing agents from diverse backgrounds, and that can translate into more business for many NSAs. To help you take advantage of this opportunity, has been updated to allow users to add diverse business certifications to their profiles. This will make it easier for NSA businesses owned by veterans, women, minorities and disabled persons to get more assignments.

Get More Signings As A Diverse Business

“Diversity has been a big focus,” said T.J. Harrington, Vice President of Vendor Management for Bank of America. Speaking as part of the Industry Panel event at NNA2015 Conference in June, he added, “Registering as a woman-, minority-, veteran- or disabled-owned business can potentially lead to more closings if you qualify. I would invite you all to look at these options.”

“If you have that availability but haven’t registered, you’re missing an opportunity to get more business,” concurred Brian Hughes, Chief Operating Officer for Title Source.

Using Your Diverse Business Certification

To get certified as a diverse business, check out organizations, such as the U.S. Small Business Administration, the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the National Minority Supplier Development Council. When you have your diverse business certification, update your NSA profile by logging onto your account and clicking the link on the left to your NSA profile. Then go to the “Diverse Business Type” section. You’ll see a number of certification designations. Select all the designations you have.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.


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10 Aug 2015

My opinion is this is a form of discrimination. Why shouldn't a person be judged by the job they do? When someone is looking for a notary, it doesn't say your "gay", "disabled" or "Veteran" beside your name. They are looking for a "person" closest to where they need someone and their experience. We should all be equal as to our abilities no matter who or what you are.


10 Aug 2015

I agree with Linda. That is why I only use my first name initial: C.


10 Aug 2015

I have to agree with Linda as well. It shouldn't matter what or how diverse you are. It should matter about the job you do, your experience and how close you are to where they are. Anything else could lead to bias in the signing.

10 Aug 2015

To me this is no different than indicating that you're bilingual. You can simply choose to opt-out of this suggestion.


10 Aug 2015

I agree with Linda. Because I was born a white male, am I supposed to be passed over to hire somebody else because they are female, veteran, disabled, etc. Hire the best notary you can find. If a female or veteran is better than I am hire them then, but not because they are female or veteran etc.

Rick Butler

11 Aug 2015

This takes political correctness to new heights of ridiculous.

C D Walker

11 Aug 2015

Instead of achieving diversity, which in it's self sounds wonderful, this panders to political correctness. Let's see...last time we used a veteran so this time, we need to use a woman. Next on the list after that, we'll need to find a minority (but we used a black last time so let's look for an asian this time). I am frequently assigned closings in Middle Eastern homes where the male of the household will not even address me. Everything goes through the wife/female family member. Should I be refused the opportunity because I am a female? This falls under the same umbrella. Some would say that it's hard enough in the work field as it is so why not use any advantage that you can? I disagree. I have worked hard and taken extra training to be the best that I can be. Why should I be penalized because I don't fit a a 'box to be checked'? List your qualifications and training, how far you will travel and the jobs that you will perform. Period.


11 Aug 2015

Laurie, how can you consider this as no different than being bilingual? Being bilingual is a skillset, showing a diversity of being female, veteran etc is not a skillset.


12 Jul 2016

I agree with David and Linda, bilingual is a skillset and the rest is nonsense.

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