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A mobile Notary’s path to building a successful Notary network

A mobile Notary’s path to building a successful Notary network Main

Updated 7-5-22. Networking with other Notaries in your area can be a valuable resource for your Notary business. However, new mobile Notaries and Notary Signing Agents sometimes find it tough to make those connections. But when I became a mobile Notary, I discovered that putting in a little time and effort networking with fellow Notaries yielded profitable results.

The Georgia Notary Network, Inc. (GaNN), started with myself and a fellow Georgia Notary, Kandi Quillet Thomas. Members of our networks share their experiences notarizing and provide tips and helpful information to each other. We support each other’s businesses and provide business referrals for each other. For example, if a customer contacts me but I’m unavailable, I can refer the customer to another Notary in my network. And that Notary can do the same for me.

Homework: Find out the issues that are specific to your state

The first step in creating our network was homework: What concerns did Notaries have statewide, and how could our network help address that need? We sought feedback through social sites from Notaries seeking training, mentorship and information from their fellows. We reached out to other groups, organizations and resources available to Notaries. This helped us to plan and prioritize our efforts.

Teamwork: Inviting Notaries to join your network

Once we completed our homework, we focused on teamwork — contacting other Notaries who were interested in creating a network and inviting them to join us.

If you want to start your own network, social media is the best way to find and invite other Notaries to join. We advertised our new network by posting on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and we asked people to share those posts with other Notaries.

In August 2020, the Georgia Notary Network officially opened its doors to our first group of members. 

Footwork: Supporting Notaries through your network

Once our network of Notaries was established, we moved forward with the footwork: deciding what “support” would look like for the members. Some Notaries wanted training, others wanted mentorship for their businesses and most wanted a better understanding of the law.  Our goal was to provide opportunities that would cover all of those areas.

In the last two years, The Georgia Notary Network, Inc. is the only Georgia nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy of notaries public, launched a website, has actively provided feedback in 2 legislative sessions (HB334-Remote Online Notarization), has been published in regional online publications, hosts monthly training and business workshops and annual events for notaries public.  There is definitely more to come.

I’d encourage those who are looking for support, mentoring and business referrals to look for networks in your area that embody your business beliefs, integrity and work ethic. If you don’t find a group like that, then consider creating your own — it worked for us.

Samantha Smith is a Georgia Notary Public, Owner of ShelistenS® Notary Specialists. She is the co-founder of the Georgia Notary Network, Inc.(GaNN).  GaNN connects with Notaries statewide providing education, support, resources and advocacy. Connect with Samantha on InstagramLinkedIn and YouTube.


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Josephine k Williams

21 Jun 2021

Don’t know where to start in Georgia

National Notary Association

21 Jun 2021

Hello. The author of this article, Samantha Smith, is based in Georgia and her contact information is at the end of the article if you'd like to reach out to her.


27 Jun 2021

Hello, are there any notaries in the Houston, TX area who would like to form a group?

28 Jun 2021

Are there any notary groups in the Salt Lake City area? I am a new notary and would like to connect with others.

Terri Johnson

01 Jul 2021

Hello, I am in the Little Rock, Arkansas area with 19 plus years as a Notary. Many years in Illinois and 3 years here in Arkansas. I am Excited to have become a NSA and looking forward to moving ahead. I would Appreciate any Expertise...THANKS IN ADVANCE

Tamyka Warren

06 Jul 2021

Hello! I live in California and I'm trying to get my mobile notary business going. Joining a network would be very helpful. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks in advance.

Jahaira Bravo

30 Jul 2021

Hello! I live in New Jersey and I'm trying to get my mobile notary/loan signing business going. Joining a network would be very helpful. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks in advance.

Vernika Tate

18 Oct 2021


Tarena Tutt

17 Nov 2021

Need help Marketing myself in west park, fl

Jaszmine Young

02 Mar 2022

Hello! My name is Jaszmine I’ve been a notary public since 2018. I’ve started my notary business November 2021 and I’m just trying to network and get myself out there I’m in Nashville, TN!

James Miller

10 Apr 2022

My wife and I are organizers of a new meetup group in Hampton, VA and are looking for new notaries to join us.

30 May 2022

I’m looking for help getting started as a notary in California

National Notary Association

31 May 2022

Hello. You can find information to help you get started here:

Jeana Warren

30 Jun 2022

Would like to start mobile notary in Southeast Florida. I also have RON. Not sure how or where to start advertising

National Notary Association

01 Jul 2022

Hello. This article has some basic marketing tips for Notaries that you may find helpful while starting out. Good luck! The article URL is:

Juliana Bautista

11 Jul 2022

Hi, I’m Juliana and I’m looking for help to start my notary business In Sebring , Florida .

11 Jul 2022

Hello!! I am a certified Notary with My background is as a Realtor. I opened Laird Real Estate in 2015, with 34 years experience as a Realtor/Broker. Would appreciate any help in getting started in the Louisville, Kentucky area with the Notary Signing. Feel free to reach out with any help or advice or just to say Hi. Thank you in advance for your time.

Katilya ward

11 Jul 2022

I’m a certified notary in the state of Tennessee(Nashville) I’m defiantly open to networking with any local notary to discuss the business and see how we could better serve our community!

19 Jul 2022

Hi I'm a certified notary in the state of Tennessee (Nashville ) I'm definitely open to networking with other local notary in the Davidson, Williamson, and Wilson area. I would like to network and discuss business and become a community that help others. I've been a notary before, but didn't know how to navigate my way around. I'll do much better this second time around and grow!

01 Aug 2022

I live in Spring Texas willing to travel 10 mile if needed I'm trying to get my mobile notary/loan signing Notary business started. any suggestions will be appreciated

Jeanette Wheeler

25 Aug 2022

Hello, I am a notary & signing agent. Are there any networks in Washington State?

Selena Sparkman

05 Dec 2022

I am in Ayden NC and would like to join a group is there one out there? I am a beginner Notary and Loan Signing Agent.

Judy Brochu

13 Feb 2023

I am a signing agent in Maine, I’m looking for other Notaries/ signing agents to network with and help grow business in Maine. Signings have slowed down and we all need to work together to help grow and maintain our businesses. I look forward to learning and growing with you!! Thank you, Judy

Claudette D Hope

10 Mar 2024

I’m a beginner Notary & Loan Signing Agent in MA, looking for a Notaries Signing Agent to network and join with helping growing my business in Boston MA is there any network in MA?

Jessyl vinning

02 Apr 2024

I'm in Fort Worth tx. I need help. Who should i contact?

National Notary Association

03 Apr 2024

Hello. Our upcoming NNA Conference is an excellent place to network with other Notaries and get tips for your Notary business:


18 Apr 2024

Hi, I am in the Wisconsin area. Is there a network that I can connect with? If so, how can I get started? Thank you in advance.

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