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Notary Bulletin

Mortgage Fraud Report: Risk Of ID Scams Jumps

The risk of “outright identity fraud” took a sharp spike in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest Mortgage Fraud Risk Report from Interthinx, a national risk mitigation company focusing on mortgage fraud and regulatory compliance.

3 Strategies To Take Your Notary Business To The Next Level

There comes a time for all small business owners to determine if it’s time to take it to the “next level.” Successful Notary entrepreneurs share strategies they have used to grow their businesses.

Sending A Completed, Loose Certificate Not Allowed

I notarized a deed that had an area at the bottom of the page for the seal. The expiration date on the seal image had become illegible. The escrow company asked me to send a loose certificate with my stamp. What is the best practice in this situation?