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Can I Use Correction Fluid To Edit A Journal Entry?

NNA Hotline Tips For NotariesI had a scheduled notarization, but while filling out my journal the signers changed their mind and wanted to reschedule for another time. While nothing was notarized, I filled our journal entries. Should I use correction fluid to blot out the entries, or draw a line through them?A.V., Elk Grove, California

If you are in a situation where you started or completed a journal entry but the notarization was not finished for whatever reason, it would be in your best interest to preserve the entry. In the “Additional Information’ column, you should explain why the notarization was not completed, in case the transaction is ever questioned.

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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22 Aug 2014



25 Aug 2014

Here is another place where ISO 9001 Standards disagree with what NNA is stating. ISO says that a single line should be drawn thru the entry preserving the data but indicating it was not completed. Adding a notation in the "Additional Information" column as to the reason is a good step as well.

National Notary Association

25 Aug 2014

Hello John, Thank you for input. Our practice is standard operating procedure in the legal community. Many attorneys have shared this with us over the years. We are not aware of any change to this procedure, but if you'd like to message us privately with more details at, we'd be happy to discuss this topic further with you.

June Jordan

20 Jan 2015

Similar situation - VERY FIRST entry in my journal! Added notarization date 1-19-15 and co-worker could not get back to my desk to finish up. Do I cross through the date, change and initial OR leave the date but put the ACTUAL date in the additional info section OR mark that entry VOID and start a new line when he gets back to me?

National Notary Association

20 Jan 2015

Hello June, If you were unable to complete the notarization described in the journal entry, you should leave the entry as is and make a note that the notarization was not completed and why. If the signer returns and requests a new notarization, you should use a new journal entry to record the new notarial act.

Kathy Brecht

30 Mar 2015

What is the correction/notation process when an error is made, be it incorrect date, incorrect column, signer has been given incorrect information and current entry therefore, incorrect?

National Notary Association

01 Apr 2015

Hello Kathy. If you need to correct information in a certificate, typically you would line through the incorrect information, write the correct information above it and initial and date the correction.


18 Oct 2018

If principal forgot ID and is with father who can vouch for her. She signs the document. Father serves as credible witness. He signs journal with all his info. Does she have to sign journal as well? Or how would one approach this situation?

National Notary Association

18 Oct 2018

Hello. Please see these two articles for more information: A Notary's Guide To Completing Journal Entries: How To Record Credible Witness Information In Your Notary Journal:

Tanisha Dar-Khan

23 Feb 2019

What if I simple make a mistake on my journal.......can I use white out or not?

National Notary Association

25 Feb 2019

Hello. No, you should not use correction fluid. Please see this article for more information:


13 Jul 2020

I accidentaly input the wrong DL number. Do I cross it out and insert it in additional information? or can I white it out and overwrite?

National Notary Association

14 Jul 2020

Hello. To help us answer your question, can you please tell us what state you are commissioned in?

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