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Connect to signing companies with 'old school' networking

contacting clients phone keyboard resizedStarting out as a Notary signing agent isn't easy when it comes to building business relationships and growing your network, and using social media or online marketing these days isn't enough. To bring some expertise and enlightenment to the NNA community, the Notary Bulletin engaged with experienced signing agents on Facebook and LinkedIn to find out how they use 'old school' pounding-the-pavement techniques to build their client base.

Robyn Carlson of Oceanside, California, markets herself in person through public events such as local Chamber of Commerce meetings. "Networking provides me direct and relationship referrals," she said on LinkedIn. "I also stop by their office if it's in my service area and provide my brochure, business card, and I always ask if I can be of assistance. I have actually received assignments because I was standing right in front of them."

Several signing agents, including David Kinney of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, said they prefer the personal touch of a phone call when introducing themselves to new companies. "Emailing to me is so impersonal and unprofessional," Kinney wrote on Facebook. "When you talk to someone on the phone, it gives a connection."

However, if a signing service is short-staffed or extremely busy, email may be a better way for signing agents to introduce themselves, said Howard Blum, owner of Pro Mobile Notary, a nationwide signing service based in Novato, California. "Many services have laid off substantial numbers of schedulers over the past ten months," he said. "Consider using email so that people can respond when they are not busy, as opposed to having to stop what they are doing to answer the phone."

Linda Frezza of Tampa, Florida, said she commonly uses email when reaching out to companies looking for signing agents — but she always makes sure to address the email to a specific person. "If you don't, it will get lost in transit," she warned. She then follows up with another email to confirm her message was received and to ask if the company needs any other information from her. She also keeps records of her emails on file so she can contact companies if she needs to provide them with updated background check and commission information.

What method works best for you when reaching out to new signing companies — email, phone, business cards or in person? Discuss your experiences with other Notary signing agents on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.


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18 Aug 2014

I signed up with several notary agents and got a call from ome of the agencies and did my first signing. I have been working for the agency ever since. I'm loving it and getting work atleast two to three a week plus working full-time. Yes it is hard trying to get started but patience is the key.

Howard Blum

19 Aug 2014

Can someone please tell me why I cannot read the article because this comment box covers almost the entire article after the first paragraph and I cannot get rid of the darn box so I can read the article?

National Notary Association

19 Aug 2014

Hi Howard, sorry to hear you are having issues viewing the article. Are you viewing the article on a PC or a mobile device? If you can please let us know what type of device you are using, or if you can please email us a screenshot of the problem to, we'll ask our web team to look into the issue.

Taher Mohammed Ali

24 Aug 2014

@Solanda, I am new at this and very happy for you that you are getting work. Please could you give me some more information on how you locate the clients and how you approach them. I would really appreciate it. Also what do you mean by working with the agency. Please let me know. Thank you much appreciated. Taher Mohammed Ali


26 Aug 2014

Hello my fello signing agents!! I have been a signing agent since 7/2014. I am in the state of MD looking to expand my business. Anyone out here interested in assisting me with closings. I am currently a stay at home mom and doing this on the side. I would like to bring a couple of agents on with me to expand to start and stay in business. I do get calls/ requests however, a lot of times I am unable to make them either because I am booked or just unavailable. (Either way I'm unavailable) I know this is going to hurt my business in the long run. I have HUGE hopes for this upcoming year. Please email me if you are interested in working with me and share signing/closing tips. Thank you ALL & Good Luck

Cynthia Prior

28 Aug 2014

I have been a signing agent since 7/2007. I am in Florida I am trying to expand and need signing it has been slow here. If anyone has any signing they need help with give me a call or text me 813-541-8207

Colleen McElroy

02 Sep 2014

Would like to start notarizing for companies, especially those doing major business with Title Companis. I'm an ex closer

22 Sep 2014

Day 1 as a NNA, needing all the advise I can get. I am ready to get started.

Guadalupe Guardado

12 Jun 2015

I am in the DFW area and I also need help getting started. I have a full time job and got my certification in May this year and haven't done one signing. How do you get started and do you need extra training to work for companies. And by work for companies I mean being the one that does all their notary work. I would really appreciate some feed back. Thank you all

National Notary Association

17 Jun 2015

Hi Guadalupe. We have numerous articles about starting and expanding your Notary business that you may find helpful in the Notary Bulletin at this link: You also may wish to join our LinkedIn discussion groups to ask other Notaries for tips and suggestions:

02 May 2017

I am in the Los Angeles and became a notary in December. It has been very difficult finding work. Title companies want notaries with 2 years experience. I am looking forward to working but it is a total stand still. Is there anyone who can help.

National Notary Association

03 May 2017

Hello. This article has some suggestions that may be helpful to you:

jacqueline graham

03 Jul 2017

if you are in CA there are so many agents and the pay is lower than most area;s now to get work you have to be on web sites and once you get started it will come but i would have other work as well as this also they now want high bonds if you dont have that you will not get work

14 Sep 2017

Hello! I became a notary through my day job almost 2 years ago and two months ago I became a signing agent. I am trying to get signings but everyone wants 2 years experience. Also, the one title company I have done a signing for, tells me they want me for signings but at the last minute assign it to someone else and/or they don't give me enough time (less than 2 hours) to print the package, call the signers to verify the appointment and actually get to the appointment. That doesn't seem professional but is it normal? I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and would really appreciate some advice and guidance.

Harriette Graham

20 Jan 2020

I'm trying to work with a company doing loan signing in Duluth Georgia or surrounding area. Please reach out to me at or 708 691 9385 if you or a company is looking or need a Certified Signing Agent, thank you, look forward to hearing from someone who needs my help.

National Notary Association

22 Jan 2020

Hello. You may wish to create a profile on a Signing Agent directory such as in order to make your contact information available to potential customers in your area.

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