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Building your Notary business brand on a tight budget

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Updated 3-5-24. The key to a successful Notary business is getting your phone to ring, but many Notaries can't afford costly marketing campaigns. Mobile Notary and veteran Signing Agent Laura Biewer offers some low-cost ideas for getting the word out effectively about your business.

“Branding directly impacts your ability to gain clients,” says Biewer. Whether you already run a successful business or are looking to get started with the budget you have, Biewer’s brand marketing strategies can help unlock your earning potential.

Creating your Notary brand image

Branding refers to the image you wish to convey for your business; it should differentiate your service from that of others and offer a valuable solution to an existing problem. For example, a client may need an immediate notarization, but she lives in the outskirts of town and has no transportation. Another client may require a multilingual Notary. Yet another is worried about cost.

What solutions do you provide? Are you convenient and competitively priced? Do you offer personalized service or special technological expertise? Do you speak multiple languages, or cater to specific populations, such as seniors or those in health care settings? Can you promise confidentiality and accuracy? When crafting your brand message, Biewer says, use keywords showing who you are and why people should call you.

Consistency is key for your Notary brand

Once you’ve carefully crafted your brand message, reinforce it through consistent delivery in all your marketing materials, from your company name to the message you leave on your voicemail. Consider unique ways to deliver your message. Biewer suggests using your brand message in your email tagline, customized letterhead, your business website, social media platforms, customized brochures, business cards and signage. Other options include Notary directories such as Consider your surroundings for more ideas. Could a bench or subway ad capture rush-hour commuters? Be creative.

Selling your Notary brand

Even in our high-tech world, word-of-mouth recommendations still rank supreme for bringing in new clients — and technology actually makes this easier than ever. Biewer suggests asking current clients for referrals and soliciting testimonials and recommendations on your Facebook page, LinkedIn account, or directly on your website. This offers prospective clients a peek into your business and can create pathways of communication in which you can help educate and inform current and potential clients.

As your brand gains recognition, Biewer suggests finding new ways to target business: mentoring, joining professional organizations, or meeting with business owners likely to need Notaries, such as law offices, title and mortgage companies, banks and credit unions, property management companies, or bail bond companies.

Tracking your success

As business grows, track where it is coming from, so you can invest in strategies that work. Ask clients where they heard about you. Was it your website? A Google search? Word of mouth? You can then alter your business plan — and budget — accordingly. If you are finding that none of your avenues are paying off, you may consider altering your branding message.

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24 Apr 2018

good stuff

Ken Friedlander

24 Apr 2018

good stuff!

Jessica Perez

26 Apr 2018

Word of mouth is the best marketing technique. How do you get good referrals? Answer your phone, build relationships with other notaries and offer other services. If they need something faxed or emailed offer to help, they are more likely to leave a good review on your page (I use Facebook and google) while they wait for that fax to be sent. I refuse to conform to the way people do business today. I still shake someone’s’ hand, and ask how their day is going. I am not afraid to ask them what they do for a living. You never know who will walk thru your door so one must always “mind their manners.” I

Olga Abuaita

30 Apr 2018

La Jolla Mobile Notary focuses on building relationships. When taking your next call, keep in mind that this customer could end up using you everytime they need a notary. This is why customer services is #1 priority, we go above and beyond to accommodate the client's needs. Most our clients are repeated and we continue to grow through advertisement and word of mouth. Thank You NNA for this information, from

Darlene Williby

23 Apr 2022



18 Mar 2024

Helpful information


18 Mar 2024

Hello. I recently got my Notary Public Commission in S.C. The information here is very informative. I’m going to use some of the suggestions offered.

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