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Notary Bulletin

NNA June Webinar To Focus On Signature By Mark

The next installment of the NNA’s “Commonly Asked Questions” webinar series launches June 29, and will focus on how to perform a “signature by mark” notarization. This webinar is offered at no charge to all Notaries.

Notarized Affidavits Required In New Domestic Partnership Registry

Unmarried couples will be able to register for domestic partnership rights in Tampa Bay, Florida, using a new registry scheduled to launch later this month. The registry requires notarized affidavits by both partners, and will grant rights similar to those legally granted through traditional marriage.

Celebrating 'Service, Integrity, Trust' At Conference 2012

The National Notary Association’s 34th Annual Conference in San Diego wrapped up four days of seminars, networking events and special presentations this week amid an atmosphere of renewal and rededication to the essential role of the Notary Public office.

Quiz: Proper Handling Of Your Notary Tools

A Notary’s seal and journal are important tools for performing your duties, and need to be handled properly. Careless use of these tools can be exploited by dishonest persons to falsify notarizations or commit other unethical acts. Test your knowledge of best practices when using or storing your notarial tools.