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For NNA Sections Members: Lessons We Can Learn From The National Mortgage Settlement

Watch Now: Lessons Notary Employers Can Learn From The National Mortgage Settlement

As Professional Section members, you are involved in a variety of complex daily transactions, and the lessons that have emerged from the "robo-signing" crisis apply to virtually every profession and industry. On Wednesday, April 18, NNA Vice President of Best Practices William Anderson and Director of Corporate Relations Chris Sturdivant hosted an important Webinar focused on corporate solutions to alleviate the Notary abuses that led to the National Mortgage Settlement.

Before a national audience of risk managers, mortgage servicing executives and Notaries, Anderson discussed the 10 Notary abuses that fueled the foreclosure "robo-signing" crisis, the steps mortgage servicers must take to comply with the Notary aspects of the Settlement, and the NNA best practice recommendations that will help companies avoid future legal exposure. There's important information in this webinar for all Notaries to take away. An archive is now available for viewing.

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