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Report: Lack Of Supervisor Training Contributed To 'Robo-Signing' Crisis

Report: Lack Of Supervisor Training Contributed To 'Robo-Signing' Crisis

A federal report criticized the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which is tasked with overseeing mortgage giant Fannie Mae, for failing to have procedures in place that would have identified and prevented much of the improper conduct and flawed notarial practices that led to the “robo-signing” crisis.

New NY 'Foreign Language Disclaimer Law' Provides Valuable Guidance For All U.S. Notaries To Protect Consumers

In an effort to protect consumers from immigration scams, the state of New York recently passed a law regulating how non-attorney Notaries can advertise their services in foreign languages. As more states institute similar measures to combat the unauthorized practice of law, Notaries can take guidance from the New York law and follow a similar protocol to protect both yourself and your signers.