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Notary Bulletin

Display Your Professionalism With NNA Online 'Badges' For Members, Certified NSAs

As a member of the National Notary Association’s Member community you have dedicated yourself to upholding the highest standards of notarial practice and ethics. Now, through a new member benefit, you have exclusive access to online NNA “badges” that display your membership status, and demonstrate your commitment to notarial excellence.

  NNA Member Badge   Certified NSA Badge

Developed for both NNA Members and Certified Notary Signing Agents, your online badge can be posted on your website or embedded in your email salutations. Whether you work for a financial institution, a government agency or as a mobile entrepreneur, your badge exemplifies your professionalism, builds your credibility, and sets you apart from other Notaries as a trusted, compliant public servant.

Download your badge today by logging into your NNA profile and clicking on the “NNA Logo Downloads” link.


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Joy L Jones

04 Oct 2017

I Would like information on wearing a professional badge to my appointments.


20 Apr 2020

I Would like information on wearing a professional badge to my appointments.

Gary Williams

28 Jun 2020

I would like to wear a professional badge as a licensed Notary in Texas

09 Jul 2020

Where are the download-able badges?

National Notary Association

14 Jul 2020

Hello. If you are an NNA member, please log into your member profile at, select "Member Benefits" from the left-hand menu and click on "Member Badge Privileges" for information and to download a logo image.

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