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Misuse Of Notary Seals

ClosenThumb.JPGThe misuse of Notary seals in conjunction with other mayhem (including violence and even murder) occurs too often. Like a police officer’s badge or a soldier’s uniform, the seal is a recognized symbol of authority, and Notaries cannot allow it to be borrowed, stolen or used by anyone else under any circumstances – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Whether negligent or intentional, a Notary who allows someone else to use the seal could be liable for any monetary damages that occur as a result. The Notary also could face criminal or civil penalties for notarial misconduct.

There are two basic points to understand about Notary seals. First, the seal is a tool of a commissioned public official and is to be used only for official acts by the Notary named on it. It is not like most other kinds of inked stamps or corporate seals, which are purely private in character. Second, each seal belongs to the Notary to whom it was issued and may only be used by that Notary. Moreover, the Notary has a high duty to protect the seal from misuse by others. It’s often the case that someone else — an employer, family member or friend — pays the fees for the Notary commission and/or the seal. It doesn’t matter. The Notary is the commissioned public official — not someone who simply paid for the seal.

Far too many Notaries take the security of their seals much too lightly. I recently testified as an expert witness in a Notary malpractice trial in which the court awarded more than $150,000 to the plaintiff because of a forged notarization. The inexperienced and careless Notary had left his seal in an unlocked desk drawer in a sometimes secured supervisor’s office at his place of work. The Notary apparently mistakenly thought it would reduce his responsibility when he claimed that someone had pilfered his seal and forged the notarization in question. The Notary was wrong in both respects. He should not have kept his Notary seal in such an insecure fashion. The fact that someone else misused the seal did not make the Notary any less accountable for the forged notarization. Indeed, in this case both the Notary and his employer (who knew that the Notary left his seal unsecured in the company office) were legally liable for the plaintiff’s financial damages.

Notaries should always maintain exclusive custody and control of their seals. Notaries should either have their seals with them or keep them locked in a place only they control. As the above example shows, Notaries and their employers can be held accountable for any misuse if a seal is left unsecured and the employer encourages or acquiesces in such conduct.

Be assured, when a Notary exercises reasonable caution to secure the seal but something extraordinary occurs anyway, the law will not hold the Notary responsible. To illustrate, a seal is carefully locked away in the Notary’s home or car, and if a thief breaks in and steals the seal, the Notary should not be accountable if the seal is misused.

Even after their commissions expire, former Notaries remain responsible for their seals. An old Notary seal can be a dangerous instrument in the hands of a scoundrel, for one who is willing to forge a notarization is certainly also willing to backdate documents to a time before the Notary seal’s expiration date. Hence, Notaries must not leave their seals behind at their places of work when their commissions expire or they change employment. Nor should they give away their old seals; sell them at garage sales or in online auctions; or cavalierly discard them where someone could find and misuse them. A few states spell out how old seals must be handled. Notaries in other states should be sure to effectively destroy their seals after their commissions expire. This process should include defacing the print on the seal. Notaries should even advise their next of kin about how to properly dispose of their Notary seals in the event of their untimely deaths. Otherwise, careless family members might improperly dispose of the seal and the family members could face legal action and liability.

Notary seals are too important to be treated lightly. Always know where your seal is, and be sure it is in your exclusive custody and control, secured from someone else’s misuse. None of us want to see our names in the media due to our carelessness or neglect.

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Matt Bednar

05 Mar 2015

What is the penalty if someone fictitiously makes up a notary public seal of an actual notary public and then forges that person's name when signing official documents? I did some research and I have proof of this on a document that it is fake. I checked to see if the name on my document is an actual notary public and she is. I called the State she resides in and the State gave me a copy of this person's notary public application. Her application shows that the seal she is commissioned with is not the one on my official document and the signature used, you can tell is forged. I know who doctored the document and I want to pursue this in court because the people who doctored it, is now trying to use it against me. Can you tell me what the punishment is and and how I can pursue this in a court of law. Sincerely, Matt

National Notary Association

05 Mar 2015

Hello Matt. You should report the problem to the law enforcement agency in your area that handles fraud cases. Depending on the area, this may be the county district attorney's office or another law enforcement agency. You may also wish to contact your state Notary-regulating office and inform them of the situation.


14 May 2015

notary notorized forged signatures on a deed she failef to request id she failed to have signers appear in person


19 Jun 2015

How do I report someone who used someone else's stamp and signed her name on several documents for an extended period of time? She moved out of state and he still used her stamp. When hers expired, he wanted me to become a notary and give him my stamp. It needs to be reported. He also has a full crew of guys who are illegal immigrants working for him.

National Notary Association

22 Jun 2015

Hello. You should contact your state's Notary-regulating office to report any issues involving improper use of a Notary stamp.

Mery Ortiz

31 Jul 2015

I am a notary in texas, and i just found out someone is notarizing with a scanned copy of my stamp. They just changed the commission expiration date. What can i do about it?

National Notary Association

04 Aug 2015

Hello. You should contact your state Notary regulating agency, local police and the state attorney general's office to report the fraud. If possible, ask if you can file a report and get a copy for your records so you have a record that shows you reported someone else is using a forged copy of your seal.

Michael Burmeister

07 Dec 2016

Hello, I am going through a divorce and my to be ex-wife and I have to sell our house back to the bank ... A week ago my ex-wife signed quick claim deeds and estoppel affidavit at the bank that holds the loan... I came in now a week later and also signed the documents when she signed the vice President of the bank who was supposed to be the notary did not notarize the document when I went in a loan officer let me sign the documents never asked for my ID and he to did not notarize the document, he gave me copies of the documents signed but still nothing notarized. it clearly states below our signatures signed and sworn to before me by my name and her name on this day ---- and year... with everything left blank other than mine and her signature. I even asked the loan officer if this was done properly he had no idea. I contacted a board member of this bank and told him of the situation they had no care of the situation... not happy !


12 Dec 2016

Can a notary do legal documents for family or marry family

National Notary Association

12 Dec 2016

Hello. Currently only Florida, Maine, Nevada and South Carolina authorize Notaries to officiate weddings. In other states, persons must apply to become a wedding officiant through other channels. Notaries are not authorized to give legal advice or prepare legal documents for customers-doing so is considered the unauthorized practice of law and can result in criminal or civil penalties against the Notary.


31 Mar 2017

I just found out that a friend's (who has now passed) brother stole her seal (State of Louisiana) and used it in his roofing business office in 2012-2014 while she was away at rehab. She kept it in a safe that he had the combination to that she was unaware of. He used it forged her name on official State of Louisiana permits, etc. What should we do in this situation??

National Notary Association

03 Apr 2017

Hello. Your friend should report the theft to local law enforcement immediately. Your friend should also contact the LA Secretary of State's office at 1-225-922-0507 to report the stolen seal and ask what other steps she needs to take in this situation.

Jessica Ader

04 May 2017

I have a documented case where a notary testified in court that she did not stamp a notarized document that proved a purchase of a home essentially causing the owner to lose their home. She testified in court that someone could have entered her office at a bank and stamped her seal and name stamp to the document that she did not personally use them on the document in question. I reported it to the Attorney General's office but have received no response or action. What can I do now?

National Notary Association

04 May 2017

Hello Jessica. If your state Notary regulating agency has authority to investigate claims of notarial misconduct, you could try filing a complaint with them.

Tami Marie Scott

14 Jun 2017

My ex forged a notary stamp with one of her letter witness. The stamp number and notary on the stamp do not exist in the state of Nevada where the stamp claims to be issued. This divorce case is going in front of the judge in a couple weeks. She also had a friend sign one of the documents she submitted to the court. I knew this doc was forged as well as a few others. How do I !make the judge aware of the fake notary stamp and the fake doc it's on? Do I make a police report? Please help. My soon to be ex will do what they can to screw me and win this divorce

National Notary Association

16 Jun 2017

Hello. We're sorry, but we cannot provide legal advice regarding divorce proceedings. Any questions regarding the divorce case would need to be answered by a qualified attorney.

Shelly Prichard

28 Jun 2017

My boss used my notary seal and forged my signature. What can I do?

National Notary Association

29 Jun 2017

Hello, Shelly. Depending on your state, you may be able to report misuse of your seal to your state Notary regulating agency. What state are you commissioned in?


13 Jul 2017

Currently going thru divorce. Found out husbands live in girlfriend who is a notary and works at a bank has forged my signature to have me removed from our joined bank account. I also found that she forged my name and used her notary seal in order for my husband to o rain finds for our divorce. He then went to the bank she works at and got another loan ( she did loan officer work there as well). This woman has ruined my life. I have proof that she was the one handling my husbands her own words in texts and messenger. I now have no access to any funds and this is a military divorce. How much trouble are they in? I tried to give them one chance to make things right. They have no idea I have this evidence. Any advice appreciated.

National Notary Association

14 Jul 2017

Hello. We're sorry, but we cannot provide legal advice. Any legal questions you have regarding a divorce would need to be answered by a qualified attorney.


20 Aug 2017

I know two notaries that signed typed documents of information about another person that was untrue. Should they be reported and isn't it illegal for a notary to notarize documents with misinformation?

National Notary Association

22 Aug 2017

Hello Tricia. If you can please provide us with the state you are in, we can provide you with more specific information.


27 Aug 2017

Is it an abuse of their notary status if they notarize a document of their fiancé and his soon to be ex wif?

National Notary Association

30 Aug 2017

Hello. Different states have different rules regarding disqualifying interest for Notaries. Can you tell us what state the Notary is commissioned in?

Kenneth Krish

02 Sep 2017

I have a rental house in Ind. And I needed my old tenants to sign a quick claim dress to be able to sell the property again. The husband signed in front of notary with ID but the wife wasn't able to make it the same day we went back to notary to finish the signing. The new tenants knew the notary and she allowed the new tenant to sign The wife's name without her being present. The documents were notarized for the new tenant, which was fraud. The new tenant said that it was legal to sign the wifes name because she had permission to do so from the wife. Can you guide me in the right direction for this matter? We were told that you have to show valid ID and you have to be power of attorney to be able to sign another's name.

National Notary Association

05 Sep 2017

Hello. The Indiana Official Notary Public Guide states on page 22: "Require the personal appearance of your signer. The person signing the document must physically be in your presence for the notarization to be valid."


17 Sep 2017

I know a notary in Alabama who is forgeing and notarizing documents. Who should I report this to?

National Notary Association

18 Sep 2017

Hello. We would suggest starting by contacting the Alabama Attorney General's Consumer Interest Division:

Sharon Gill LeBlanc

02 Oct 2017

Notary in our community has talked about doing everything attorney can do except argue in court of law. He does adoptions, divorces, weddings, leaves his seal and signed bill of sales for the women in his office to use during his vacations. States to all how he over charges after hours. Has stated to group he notarized will signed by daughter after the Mother died. Also have seen copies of income tax forms and no notary fees are claimed. This seems like it is breaking the law. I hold notary license in state of TX, ( do Oil and Gas leases) and know nothing like this would be allowed in that state, He holds La license. Thank you for any info you might could give me.

National Notary Association

05 Oct 2017

Hello Sharon. Louisiana Notaries have different powers and duties from Notaries in other states under Louisiana's unique civil law code. If you suspect a LA Notary of misconduct, we recommend you contact the Louisiana Secretary of State's Notary Division at 225-922-0507.

Terri Peoplea

14 Oct 2017

A notary in Pittsburg co ok. Refuses to date stuff She signs. Claiming that it doesn't matter that nobody ever looks at the date. She works at the ford dealership here in mcalester. I can imagine what kind of fraudulent stuff goes on in that place. What can be done. Her name is Courtney Drake

National Notary Association

16 Oct 2017

Hello. If you have reason to suspect a Pennsylvania Notary of misconduct, you can file a complaint at Department of State's website:


28 Dec 2017

I forged a co workers notary sig and used her stamp on a document to remove my boyfriend from my bank account. He had signed it. My Boss found the document in question, knew it was forged. I was fired and now just found out . Felony class d charges against me and a warrant for my arrest. The only reason i forged it was because i was short on time. My record is otherwise clean. How much trouble am i in?

National Notary Association

02 Jan 2018

Hello. We are very sorry, but we cannot provide you with legal advice. You will need to contact an attorney for legal assistance.

Shyreka Jones

11 Jan 2018

There's a notary that notarized a false document for her friend. We found the person that was supposedly had signed the paper. She said she didn't sign the papers & gave us a copy of her drivers license showing that she actually didn't sign the paper. This notary also let's this same friend use her address to let the friend's child go to school in her zone. Can both the notary & friend get in trouble? I want to report this matter. It's in Mobile, Al.

National Notary Association

11 Jan 2018

Hello. We would suggest starting by contacting the Alabama Attorney General's Consumer Interest Division:


21 Jan 2018

Can a notary notarize mother-in-law's signature on her Last Will and Testament when she is appointed to the Trustee of the Trust of the estate?

National Notary Association

22 Jan 2018

Hello. Any instructions regarding preparation of a last will and testament would need to be provided by a qualified attorney. A nonattorney Notary may not provide a signer with advice whether the will requires notarization or not.


16 Mar 2018

My husband forged my name unbenounced to me on a "Spousal Axknowledgment" document for a Quit Claim Deed that releases all my rights to property he bought and his son's fianc� knowingly notarized the forged signature. I never would have agreed to signing this and they illegally did it. What type of crime is this and who do I report this to? It is the document that waives all my rights to the property in the state of Washington

National Notary Association

19 Mar 2018

Hello. If you believe you have been the victim of mortgage fraud you can contact the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) at 1-877-746-4334 and ask to file a complaint.

Vianey Galvan

31 Mar 2018

where in az can i report someone who used an expired notary seal stamp and with a fraudulent signature on a car title?

National Notary Association

02 Apr 2018

Hello. Information on filing a complaint with the AZ Secretary of State's office can be found here:


02 Jun 2018

Could you please identify the case with the $150K verdict regarding the stamp left in the drawer?


22 Jun 2018

I am power of attorney for someone in SC but the previous power of attorney was created with a forged signature and the notary signed that the person personally appeared before them with a state issued ID, but the person was and still is incarcerated. How can I go about reporting these individuals

National Notary Association

22 Jun 2018

Hello. If you suspect a South Carolina Notary of fraudulent activity, you should contact your local law enforcement agency or district attorney's office to ask if you can file a complaint.

Lorie Wylie

29 Jul 2018

I am in the process of moving, and came across my great aunt's notary stamps. They are from the 1940s and 50s. They are for accounting in Ohio. I would like to turn these in but don't know where to take them. Do I take him to the courthouse?

National Notary Association

30 Jul 2018

Hello. You may wish to contact your local county court of common pleas to ask if they wish you to turn in the stamps or if they have other instructions due to the extreme age of the stamps.


30 Jul 2018

My mother’s secreatry has a notary. Last year my mom needed my dad’s signature on a loan. My mom and her secretary drove to my dads home and cornered him. He refused to sign any documents. Just this last week we found out my dad’s name was forged on the loan document and my moms secretary notarized it. The signature looks like her handwriting.. but his name.. as well. What can we do to report this? .. there have also been quite a number of similar instances over the past twenty or so years. My dad and I had no knowledge that my mom was signing our James and having her secretary/notary notarize thr documents. There have been four different notaries over this time span and each of them have done this. I have all documents and the forgeries are very blatant. We may not be able to go back in some due to statute of limitations..howbeer we just now realized this was going on. This recent forgery is for a loan for over $200k and my dad did not sign it. What can be done and who do we need to contact? Thank you.

National Notary Association

31 Jul 2018

Hello. If your father is a senior and you suspect your father is a victim elder abuse, you can report it to your local police or your local adult protective services agency. The Department of Health and Human Services has contact information available at this page:

Heather Collins

08 Aug 2018

I was recently fired after reporting sexual harrassment by a customer of the bank I worked for and refused a transfer to another branch and my notary stamp was not put in the things that were booked for me when I turned my keys in. I text my boss about my stamp and she said she threw it away last week. What can I do about this? I'm located in Georgia.

National Notary Association

09 Aug 2018

Hello. You need to immediately send a written notice about your boss taking and destroying the seal to the appointing clerk of superior court, with a copy to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Cooperative Authority (OCGA 45-17-14). Our Editorial team would be interested in speaking with you further about this matter for a possible article. If you would be willing to speak to our Editorial team, please send an email to and let them know the best way to get in touch with you.


22 Aug 2018

My mother’s secreatry has a notary. Last year my mom needed my dad’s signature on a loan. My mom and her secretary drove to my dads home and cornered him. He refused to sign any documents. Just this last week we found out my dad’s name was forged on the loan document and my moms secretary notarized it. The signature looks like her handwriting.. but his name.. as well. What can we do to report this? .. there have also been quite a number of similar instances over the past twenty or so years. My dad and I had no knowledge that my mom was signing our James and having her secretary/notary notarize thr documents. There have been four different notaries over this time span and each of them have done this. I have all documents and the forgeries are very blatant. We may not be able to go back in some due to statute of limitations..howbeer we just now realized this was going on. This recent forgery is for a loan for over $200k and my dad did not sign it. What can be done and who do we need to contact? Thank you.

National Notary Association

23 Aug 2018

Hello. If you suspect your father is a victim of fraud, this Department of Justice webpage has resources for elder fraud victims and where you can report it: Depending on what state you are located in, you may be able to file a Notary misconduct complaint with your state Notary-regulating office; however, not every state has this option.


13 Sep 2018

My boss is a convicted felon on probation and forged her step daughters notary on documents for her husband and his business, how can I report anonymously?

National Notary Association

14 Sep 2018

If you have reason to suspect fraud, you would need to contact local law enforcement to report it. Depending on what state you are in, you may also be able to report suspected Notary fraud to the state Notary regulating agency. You would need to ask if you can file a complaint against a Notary anonymously with the state regulating agency.

sharrion eaddy

25 Oct 2018

I am a manager at my job, there have been times that I was called away for few minutes and during that time, I allowed my worker to use my stamp. She then gets upset with me and tells the big boss are we both in trouble is it possible to keep my job

National Notary Association

25 Oct 2018

Hello. We can't comment on your employment status--that is an issue between you and your employer. However, as stated in the article above, only the commissioned Notary is authorized to use the official Notary seal. It is never appropriate for a Notary seal to be used by anyone other than the commissioned Notary.

Joe Dumas

13 Jan 2019

I was sent a form that the notary has stamped and signed however no one else signed it guess they forgot this is a blank but stamped and signed isn’t this elegal to give someone a blank stamped and signed notary form Mississippi

Leslie Logan

28 Mar 2019

I had a temp guardianship notarized in Missouri & the paper was drawn up by daughters grandma through her daughter that is a secretary at a law firm. Two weeks later I went to pick up my children & they was hiding them from me & I went to courthouse & there was co guardianship papers that I never seen nor signed & had the Missouri notary forged on there as well & back dated to time of when we did temp guardian. Is there a way to PROVE that these are forged?

National Notary Association

29 Mar 2019

Hello. We cannot provide legal advice regarding a child custody case or your specific legal situation...any such questions would need to be referred to a qualified attorney. According to the Notary FAQ on the Missouri Secretary of State's website ( Missouri requires a signer to be physically present before the Notary in order to perform a notarization. If you suspect that your signature may have been forged or improperly notarized outside your presence, you may wish to contact local law enforcement for assistance.


01 May 2019

My mother agreed to sell her property as a RENT TO OWN property due to her age the notary public who was gonna seal as a witness offered to write the document herself..too make the story short she ended uo knowing the person that was interested in the purchase and they scammed her this was back in 2014 until this day 05/01/2019 she has been going to court th regain her property it has beed 3 yrs since she received a payment..and help is yet to come any advice greatly appreciated Thanks

Troy Rambaransingh

02 May 2019

Hello...I lost my house in Florida through foreclosure, based on an assignment of mortgage that was notarized by a Notary from Utah. I have actually discovered SEVERAL other assignments of mortgages from other states with this notary's seal and other versions of her signature, ALL of which do not match the signature that the State of Utah has on file for this notary. I will obviously file a complaint on this notary with the office in Utah, but where do I file a complaint for fraud? Do I file it in Florida?

National Notary Association

02 May 2019

Hello. You may wish to start by contact law enforcement in Florida and asking them for suggestions how to proceed.


29 May 2019

Wondering what to do when I know someone is using their notary for the wrong reasons. Her boyfriend sells/buys cars alot and had her get a notary license because he's a felon and can't. And let's him keep and use her stamp. This is not right, being a notary is important and she don't need to be one.

National Notary Association

30 May 2019

Hello. If you can tell us what state you are located in, we can let you know if there is a state agency available for you to file a Notary misconduct complaint.


31 May 2019


National Notary Association

31 May 2019

You may be able to file a complaint by contacting the court of common pleas in the county where the Notary was commissioned.


17 Jun 2019

release of interest form has been notarized but the form is blank. I can not find where to report this. As far as I can find out it is fraudulent to do this. Am I right and if so how do I report it. Washington state.

National Notary Association

18 Jun 2019

Hello. If you wish to file a complaint against a WA Notary, you can do so at the Department of Licensing's website:


06 Sep 2019

Hello. I am a notary public for the commonwealth of VA. Someone is asking for me to sign an Affidavit of Lost or Destroyed Warrant but it says "Notary Public in and for the State of Washington". I have told them I do not reside in the state of Washington but they say it's allowable. Which one of us is correct? Thank you!

National Notary Association

06 Sep 2019

Hello. You are correct--signing a document that includes wrong information that you are a Washington Notary is not permitted. “A notary shall not perform any official act with the intent to deceive or defraud” (COV 47.1-15).

Seeking Justice

29 Dec 2019

A person who is NOT a notary, but USED to be (expired in 2016) notarized a fraudulent document in 2019. She is the owner of a tax business in town. How do I get justice for the trouble she has caused me? She is NOT currently a commissioned notary (at least at the time of her notarizing the forged instrument). We are in Alabama. SOS clerks said to report it to local police.City police won't do anything because the county is already involved for the crime of forgery. The bogus "notary" owner of the tax business who used a stamp with her name on it to help perpetrate this crime is the only witness in the case, other than the confession of the forger. How will I go about bringing this bogus notary to justice since she is not really a notary?? She is the owner of a tax business in town, in a position of trust in the community, but she committed a crime!

National Notary Association

30 Dec 2019

Hello. If you have had issues with an Alabama business, you can file a complaint with the Alabama attorney general's office at However, please be aware that the Alabama AG's website states the following: "Please note that filing a consumer complaint is not a legal action, and that, after careful review of your complaint, you may be advised to seek private legal counsel. The Consumer Interest Division does not provide legal advice, interpretation, or opinions to consumers."

Deanna Thunder-Sexton

30 Jan 2020

Should I report someone if they are miss using their seal? I know someone that is back dating documents to help her family get their children back. The dates she her self signed and back dated when it wasnt the right date because she signed on a 25th and dated it that she signed on a 15th. The people that needed the document signed were her grandson and his wife. She shouldnt be able to back date documents that weren't even drawn up on that date. What can I do about this and who do I call?

National Notary Association

30 Jan 2020

Hello. If you wish to report a case of possible Notary misconduct, you may be able to report it to your state Notary regulating agency. If you can please tell us what state you are located in, we can provide you with more specific information.

Gara Cristando

16 Feb 2020

I am wondering what steps to take to press charges on not one , but two notaries that signed and stamped loan papers on my house that I did not sign !!! My then husband has done several loans in our house without my knowledge, and I have very strong physical evidence for at least one of the loans . I wasn’t even in the country when the papers were signed .


08 Mar 2020

My car title was stolen and the lady took it to her “notary friend” who is also the Justice if the peace. He notarized it and she went to the DMV and registered it in her name. I called the police and made a report. According to them she legally owns the car and they are not aware of any legal action that can can take against the notary. This is in Vermilion parish in Louisiana. I contacted the notary he claims that I did not need to be present only the buyer OR seller needs to be there. I called the Secretary of State and they couldn’t help. Any advise?Who should I contact? Is there an actual law that the notary broke?

National Notary Association

09 Mar 2020

Hello. You would need to contact a qualified attorney to answer any questions about what legal options you may pursue in this matter.

Donna Wolter

03 Apr 2020

My son and his wife were to close on a house in Iow this past week. It was discovered in the final hour that their contractor was in critical condition with Covid 19. Meanwhile his wife (they are legally separated) acting as his business manager forged his name and the bank president knowingly and unlawfully notarized the closing documents. The bank president confessed he did not witness the signature after being pressed by my sons lender. stating it “looked” like his signature. Who bears the responsibility of falsifying the papers - the bank president? The separated wife?

National Notary Association

06 Apr 2020

Hello. If you believe you have encountered a crime involving Notary fraud, you need to contact law enforcement for assistance. Any questions about legal liability for an improper notarization would need to be answered by a qualified attorney.


09 Apr 2020

Hi, I am in Arkansas , my husband s girlfriend is a notary and a paralegal she typed up his divorce papers then notarized them . The information is all false that they put in them . They filed them in court


25 Jul 2020

We were in the process of a refinance and a notary was due to come by for us to sign documents. Before his visit the notary was going to email me the documents to look at before the signing but ended up sending them to the wrong email. What steps or actions should be taken by me and or the notary to now secure our livelihood? those docs had my SS number, address, work info etc.

National Notary Association

28 Jul 2020

Hello. Have you notified the lender, real estate agent or closing agent about what happened?

Kitty Torres

19 Aug 2020

My son passed July 29th in Colorado. His girlfriend at this time told the police he didn't live there and they were not married then as the coroner was set to release his body she comes up with a affidavit of common law FORGED. its not my sons signature I have proof and the seal was stamped over the sworn date and the signature of the notary wasn't a signature and messed up plus the notary is her aunt. How can she stop the cremation a voutcher and move everything trying g to keep my sins ashes

National Notary Association

20 Aug 2020

Hello. We apologize, but any questions about contesting an affidavit are legal questions that would need to be answered by a qualified attorney. If you have reason to suspect an incident of Notary fraud and wish to report it, you should contact law enforcement or the appropriate state Notary regulating agency to ask if you can file a complaint.

Justy Evans

10 Sep 2020

I recently found a second copy of My birth certificate it’s notarized but it has two different year dates like my original is 1986 but the other one is 1982 the guys that The stamp belongs to was my mom‘s boss when I was 13 so what do I need to do to fix this or what could happen to the notary or lawyer

National Notary Association

10 Sep 2020

Hello. Only the recording office that holds the original birth certificate is authorized to issue certified copies. You would need to contact the recording office where your birth certificate was issued to request assistance.


01 Sep 2021

Hi my fiancé was suppose gain temporary custody of his child however the mother secretly had her sister type up a POA not only type it up notarized it with a expired stamp and she no longer lives in New Mexico where stamp states and her sister the POA was actually never live signed it she had it doc signed this document was completely wrote up and stamped by her sister who is no longer a notary should we file a policy report than contact the state because I called the state office and they said her stamp expired in sept of 2020 and she used this stamp in Jan of 2021 and wrote her stamp expire 9/21 which was not true

National Notary Association

10 Sep 2021

Hello. Any questions about legal issues regarding the situation you describe would need to be answered by a qualified attorney. However, if you wish to file a complaint against a Notary Public, if you can please tell us what state you are located in, we can tell you if your state has a process for filing a complaint.


14 Oct 2021

My boss was using a previous employees notary stamp and forging her signature on company contracts in SC. How do I report and can i do it anonymous.?

National Notary Association

15 Oct 2021

Hello. We would suggest contacting the South Carolina Secretary of State's Notary Public Division to ask if you can file an anonymous complaint. They can be reached at this web page: or by phone at 1-803-734-2512.

Derisa Ainsworth

22 Nov 2021

Hi a freind of my parents took my dad dying of cancer to a lawyer he knew to get my dad to sign over our land to him. My dad died 3 mths later my mom 3yrs(she died this June 8). I found out my mom name wasforged and she have no ID with the name signed on it. I asked tje lawyer/ notary what he used for id for proof it was my mom who signed it and he told me to bring what i had to his office and we can see but he called the guy whom he friends with and have gotten him and his family out of drug dealing troubles whom is friend of my parents. He dont social security number or anything saying it was her cus she wasnt there. How can deed be notrized leaglly with no id or proof of id and he have no record of my mom signing his notary book. Pleasd help.

National Notary Association

29 Nov 2021

Hello. If you believe you have been the victim of document fraud, you should contact law enforcement to report it, or contact an attorney who can answer questions about your legal options.


02 Dec 2022

Hello, I am going through something similar to this and my question is...What are more ways in which the employer may be liable for their "servants" mistakes in your opinion. I am talking about a notary as a servant and the bank as the master.

Connie Payne

09 Dec 2022

I have a friend who got locked up and told me I can move into his house that is paid for . there is another female who moved into his trailer house who said that he signed her over power of attorney. And that I needed to be moved out of this house per him. So I wrote him another letter and while waiting on this letter she comes to me with paperwork notarized. Well I received paperwork 2 Days Later with a total different notary stamp. So the stamp she hands me is from a place in our hometown and the one that I receive is where the gentleman is incarcerated at. And it has to be notarized wherever that gentleman is at am I correct.? And the notary stamp is signed. What do I need to do because the other female has took his vehicles and parked them down at the house she is at and is driving them which are his show trucks. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Connie

National Notary Association

12 Dec 2022

Hello. We're sorry, but any legal questions you have regarding eviction or permission to stay at a residence would need to be answered by a qualified attorney.

Pjjay Sena

20 May 2023


National Notary Association

22 May 2023

Hello. We're sorry, but those are legal questions that would need to be answered by a qualified attorney.

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