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Model Notary Act

Download the Model Notary Act of 2022.

The Model Notary Act is a comprehensive statute prototype designed to assist lawmakers and Notary program administrators in modernizing and strengthening the Notary Public statutes in their state. Conceived as the Uniform Notary Act in 1973 in a special collaboration with Yale Law School, it was renamed the Model Notary Act and progressively expanded in 1984, 2002 and 2010. The MNA review panels have included secretaries of state, law professors, technology experts, mortgage banking executives and government officials at every level.

For nearly five decades, legislators and Notary-regulating officials have borrowed extensively from all versions of the Model Notary Act in reforming state and territorial Notary laws. Several U.S. jurisdictions have adopted the MNA virtually in its entirety, while many others have enacted discrete sections and articles from the Act to update and improve their Notary laws.


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