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Hotline Tip: Using Black Ink With Your Notary Seal

NNA Hotline Tips For Notaries

An old line attributed to automaker Henry Ford goes that customers could have any color 

they wanted for his Model T, just as long as it was black.

Much of that sentiment can be applied to the color ink you should use for notarizations. Black is the recommended ink color to use when affixing an official Notary signature or seal because it shows up legibly in microfilm or photocopies.

There are a few exceptions. Utah requires purple ink so that a black-and-white photocopied document can be differentiated from the original. Tennessee is the most notable exception; the only colors you can’t use are black or yellow.

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31 Jan 2022

what is the recommended colour for notary seal in texas can a texas notary use blue ink for notary seal

National Notary Association

31 Jan 2022

Hello. While the ink color is not specified, the seal must be photographically reproducible: “The seal must be affixed by a seal press or stamp that embosses or prints a seal that legibly reproduces the required elements of the seal under photographic methods. An indelible ink pad must be used for affixing by a stamp the impression of a seal on an instrument to authenticate the notary public’s official act” (GC 406.013[c]).

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