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Hotline Tip: Documents With Multiple Signatures

NNA Hotline Tips For NotariesOccasionally, you may be presented with a document that requires multiple signatures that must be circulated to signers over several days in different locations, requiring the work of several Notaries and notarial certificates in different jurisdictions. Don't worry. It is perfectly legal to notarize a single client's signature on a document. Keep in mind, such a document's "Date of Signing" space may be left blank until the final signature is affixed.

On an occasion such as this, completely and correctly fill out the notarial certificate according to the rules of your jurisdiction, and record in your journal the reason the date space was left blank. This will protect you and your signer if the document is challenged at a later date.

If the pre-printed notarial certificate was already completed during a previous notarization, attach a loose certificate.

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