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7 reasons you need a Google Business Profile for your Notary business

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One of the biggest challenges for Signing Agents and mobile Notaries is marketing yourself to find steady business. That’s why it’s essential to have a Google Business Profile because it is one of the most powerful tools to increase your visibility online and get more customers. And the best part is it won’t cost you a penny!  

Potential customers search online for ‘Notary near me’ every day. A Google Business Profile will help customers find your Notary business because:

  1. You can be found easily by customers searching for a Notary
  2. You can advertise your Notary business without cost
  3. You can share customer reviews to gain trust in your Notary business
  4. You gain round-the-clock visibility with potential clients and customers
  5. You build local authority and reputation as a legitimate Notary business
  6. You increase search visibility and reach for your business
  7. You create more income streams for your business

1. A Google Business Profile lets customers easily find your Notary business

A Google Business Profile gives your Notary business an edge over competitors because it makes you easy to find when someone searches “Notary near me.”

With an optimized Google Business Profile, you can be on the first page of search results to get more customers.

It also helps potential customers learn more about your Notary services and contact you quickly if they need assistance.

2. There’s no cost for advertising your Notary business with a Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile account is 100% FREE!

Adding your website and phone number will help you get more calls and clicks without spending extra budget for advertising. If you have joined the new nationwide Notary database, you can use your profile page as your website on your Google Business account.

3. A profile will help you build a good Notary reputation through customer reviews

A strong reputation can put your Notary business ahead of the competition.

Use Google My Business as a platform to collect customer reviews that show potential clients how helpful and professional you are while providing Notary services.

Asking customers to post reviews on Google Business Profile is an effective way to build credibility and attract new customers who feel confident working with someone who has positive reviews from others.

Positive reviews are valuable marketing assets.

89% of consumers read reviews before deciding to purchase, so utilizing reviews to gain visibility to your Google Business Profile is essential.

4. A profile gives you round-the-clock visibility with potential clients and customers

Your Google Business Profile is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone searching for Notary services you provide or looking for contact details to book an appointment with you.

This type of access is invaluable since it allows prospective customers to reach out whenever needed - no matter what time of day or night it may be!

5. A profile will help your Notary business build trust and get more customers

People tend to trust businesses that have established themselves within their immediate vicinity rather than those from far away locations.

Having a Google Business Profile will demonstrate that you have a legitimate business that provides quality services in your community. This will give you the advantage over similar services offered by competitors so you can get more business.

6. A Google Business Profile increases your search visibility and reach for your Notary business

If you know what you should be doing, you can be found on the first page of Google in what’s known as the “Google Three Pack.” This is the first page someone searches when searching for a ‘Notary near me.’

Creating an effective Google Business Profile page will allow prospective clients to see your information when searching for a Notary business. Having a complete Google Business Profile containing all of the necessary information for them to choose to do business with you will ensure more security in getting your business to the next level.

7. A profile can create more income streams for your business

By having an online presence through a Google Business Profile page, potential clients can learn more about what types of Notary services you provide, such as loan signings, general Notary work, apostilles, etc.

Additionally, you can attract target audiences by maximizing all areas available through Google Business Profile, such as optimization for specific search keywords related to Notary work, including posts related to new services you offer or any other updates about your business to help create additional revenue.

In conclusion, setting up a Google Business Profile is necessary for Notaries

If you want to take advantage of cost-free advertising to create more income for your Notary business, watch this free training with tips for setting up your profile.

Click here to learn more about Google Business Profile!

Mark Wills of Loan Signing System is a Notary educator, a mentor to more than 4,000 Notary Signing Agents and a Forbes Real Estate Council Member. For more information on how to market your loan signing agent business, please visit


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