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2022 Model Notary Act now available to support Notary officials and state lawmakers

2022 Model Notary Act announcement article

The Notary Public office has evolved significantly in the past decade due to a global pandemic, the highs and lows of the financial and housing markets, development of new notarization technology and many other changes. To help state Notary officials and lawmakers meet these new challenges, the National Notary Association has published the Model Notary Act (MNA) of 2022.

Created by the NNA and reviewed by a panel of Notaries, legal professionals, business leaders, technology experts and state officials, the MNA of 2022 addresses key Notary law policy issues to aid legislators in drafting new laws and administrative rules for Notaries.

The 2022 edition of the MNA draws from five decades of NNA experience in drafting model laws to educate and support Notaries Public in their duties, integrating recommended practices for traditional, in-person electronic and remote notarizations. States can use the MNA of 2022 in part or whole when drafting statutes to ensure their Notary laws meet the highest ethical and professional standards and keep pace with developments in business, law and technology.

The Model Notary Act of 2022 will be available to download here. An in-depth look at the new changes and issues addressed in this latest version of the MNA will be published in The National Notary Bulletin next month.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.


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05 Sep 2022

Favor enviarme notificaciones cuando esté disponible el mencionado proyecto

National Notary Association

13 Sep 2022

Hola. Planeamos compartir más detalles este mes. Mientras tanto, para saber cuándo compartimos más información sobre este tema, puede suscribirse a nuestro boletín electrónico.

11 Sep 2022

None at this time have not read MNA document

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