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June 2022 Notary Trends Answers: Word of mouth key to finding customers

Notary Trends June 2022 Who are your customers results Main

Earlier this month, we asked our readers to share where signers who use your Notary services come from — and according to our survey participants, more Notaries are currently bringing in customers through word of mouth and referrals in their local community.

The top answer picked by Notaries in our survey was “Neighbors or people in my community who know I’m a Notary,” followed closely by “Individuals who need mobile Notary services” and “Signers referred to me by other customers.”

Survey respondents said word-of-mouth is an important way to find customers.

“It is essential to let everyone know you are in business,” said Florida Notary Stephanie Espinal. “Be active on social media and treat every customer like royalty because they will refer you for future business.”

Max Burns of Oregon offered a “Notary Day” at a local church that brought in more business. “I didn’t get any business that day,” Burns said, “but I’ve had several people from my church ask for my services since then.”

You can view more results in the chart below. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s Notary Trends question!

June 2022 Notary Trends Top 5 Results where do your signers come from


David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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Joseph Santos

02 Jul 2022

Very helpful for me notaries and Signing Agents. Thank you for always making sure we’re keeping up with the latest info to improve and succeed. Keep it coming!!!

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