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In memory of Carol Ray, longtime friend and mentor to Notary Signing Agents

Carol Ray, founder of Notary2Pro and one of the country’s most popular and respected Notary Signing Agent educators, passed away on February 6, 2022. She was an important pioneer in the Notary Signing Agent industry and will be missed.

A former Escrow Manager, Carol worked as a Notary Signing Agent. Seeing a need for comprehensive training and education for NSAs, she started Notary2Pro and grew to become one of the nation’s most popular and well-known Notary Signing Agent instructors. For more than a decade, she trained and mentored thousands of Signing Agents across the country.

Carol Ray

Carol was always enthusiastic and supportive of Signing Agents and worked hard to ensure they had the best training and preparation to succeed in their work. Many of her students praised her not just for her teaching, but for the additional time and effort she dedicated to helping students find their first assignments and start their loan signing careers. She was a popular presenter at NNA Conferences and an ongoing guest contributor to The National Notary Bulletin, writing many articles with helpful tips for new and experienced NSAs.

The National Notary Association offers its sympathies and condolences to Carol’s family, friends and students.


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Atha Lee Ann Sanders

10 Mar 2022

My prayers and condolences to the family of Carol Ray. May the Lord give you peace during your time of sorrow. Atha Sanders, LSS Notary Public

11 Mar 2022

So sorry to hear of Carol's passing. Discovered quite by chance today. She was a hero and generous person, sharing her knowledge. She will be missed. Blessings to her family.

Marseille Archambeaux

12 Mar 2022

I am very sorry to read of Carol's passing. I never met Carol but I had an occasion to chat with her on LinkedIn. I've seen her at name and/or picture at various notary sites and/or functions for the past 7 years or so. Sympathies to all who knew her and will miss her.

12 Mar 2022

I'm so happy to see this tribute to Carol Ray. Thank you for acknowledging her contributions to our field. She will be greatly missed.

Audrey George

13 Mar 2022

I am blessed to be one of her graduates, she was truly very kind and spent time with her graduates. She gives the personal touch a new meaning, before my first signing, I called her, (as she instructs all of us to do if we want) and she answered and talked with me as I drove 1.5 hours to my first signing. The comfort I got laughing and talking with her, put me at ease. We didn't just discuss the notary business, she was really interested in me as a person, and made me feel as if I was the only agent she had, truly a wonderful gift. She will be missed.

Emily Woznichak

13 Mar 2022

I'm deeply saddened by the news of Carol passing away. My heart goes out to the family. I'm so sorry for your loss and the loss we experience in the notary community. My prayers are with the family to keep them strong during this difficult time. RIP Carol.

Regina C. Proctor

14 Mar 2022

May God be with the family.

Richard Parker, cpNotary Service, LLC

14 Mar 2022

Praying for the family and those who knew her best. When mentoring fellow notaries, Notary 2 Pro was one of only two recommended sources I consistently recommended for training. The other was the National Notary Association. She will be missed.

Gracie Divas

14 Mar 2022

May peace and love fill your hearts, and give you strength for months to come for her family. Lord give them comfort as they feel heartbroken. Gracie Divas NP/LSA

Tia Renee Farley

14 Mar 2022

My prayers and condolences to the family of Carol Ray. May God give them peace during their time of sorrow. She was a great teacher and mentor. I have learned a lot from her teaching when I first got started as a signing agent.

Melissa Dominguez

14 Mar 2022

Deepest condolences 🙏

Angelina M.

14 Mar 2022

I enjoyed listening to her on TNT.a wealth of knowledge and my deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Denise I. Flores

14 Mar 2022

My condolences and prayers to Friends and Family. What an awesome Woman of Excellence who by her actions showed true leadership. I never had the honor to meet Carol, but just by looking at her picture projects such love, patience, and a woman who genuinely cared about others and more importantly, took the time to show it. Thank you CAROL!

Mary A Johns-Bell

14 Mar 2022

I am a Notary 2Pro graduate. She will indeed be missed. She was very personal. If I had a question she answered her phone or email. I learned a lot from her. Condolences to her family.


14 Mar 2022

Sorry for your loss. I understand her passing is a loss for our community as well, but may you/we find refuge knowing the kindness she sewed in others continues to grow, leaving pieces of herself for a continued presence.


15 Mar 2022


Lori Blagg

15 Mar 2022

My condolences to friends and family.

April Gordon

15 Mar 2022

My Condolences to the family, friends and the Notary Community of Carol Ray. I am new to the industry and wish I had the privilege of meeting her. I see she had a great impact on all whom she had contact with. Certainly she will be missed. Acts 24:15. John 5:28+29


17 Mar 2022

May Gid comfort you during this time. My prayers and condolences to the family

Jill Bernshouse

17 Mar 2022

Carol Ray was a brilliant and personal innovator in the notary business. She will be greatly missed by so many. Most heartfelt condolences to her family and students. It’s hard to imagine the notary world without her.

Rosalind Sartin

20 Mar 2022

I wish i had met her. Ive read all good things about her. Condolences to the family.

Richard V. White

21 Mar 2022

Carol was so helpful and patient when I was first starting out and I had so many questions. I couldn’t believe how generous she was with her time and how nice and kind she was. She played a huge part in building the confidence I needed to get off to a good start. God bless you Carol, you’ll be greatly missed.

28 Mar 2022

I am a new Notary Public, I have listened to her training. I am sad to see she passed. Praying God's favor

Joy L. Jones

23 Apr 2022

Carol answered a question for me on facebook when I had a question on advertisement. I printed her suggestion and kept it in my office. Ive only been a notary for 6 months. Im new to the business and she touched me. This tells you how big a loss this person was to our industry. Gods favor to your family in your time on need.

Earlene Williams

21 Nov 2022

My heartfelt condolences to family and friends! When I first launched my signing business, I was literally terrified, but Carol had a way in calming me down. She always answered my questions with professionalism and explained everything in layman terms so that I could understand! I never met her in person but the many times I called her I could feel her presence! She will definitely be missed and I pray healing during this time of bereavement and years to come. Her legacy will never die!!!

Maria Lewis

14 Jun 2023

She most certainly was an amazing force in the industry. Carol made learning fun and she really cared about the success of each student. May her spirited energy continue through all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

John Henry

30 Aug 2023

How are you doing today baby girl

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