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New Mexico Notaries prepare for a wave of law changes

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State lawmakers voted in favor of the most significant Notary law changes New Mexico has seen in years. Starting on January 1, 2022, Notaries in New Mexico can expect changes ranging from new requirements for getting a Notary Public commission to new acts and services you can offer, a new journal requirement, and changes to the official Notary stamp. These new laws were enacted by Senate Bill 12 earlier this year. This fall, the Secretary of State adopted administrative rules to implement the new statutes. Before we get into the details, it's worth mentioning that the new law shifts the responsibility for commissioning Notaries from the Governor to the Secretary of State. The law also changes oversight of Notaries from the Governor to the State Ethics Commission. Amid this sea of change, several questions don't yet have answers, but we will update this article when the state provides clarifications or new information.

Notary training and exam

The Secretary — or a third party approved by the Secretary — will offer a course of study that all new applicants must take. The training will cover the new laws, rules, and any additional procedures Notaries need to know about. The exam will be based on the course and you must score 80% or higher to pass. Your provider will issue a proof of completion certificate that must be included with your Notary commission application.

If you're a current Notary, you'll need to take the state-required training and exam when you renew your commission. If the Secretary of State has a record that you previously passed the exam, you are not required to re-take the training and exam unless:

  • It's been more than one year since your prior commission expired,
  • Or the Secretary determines that substantial changes were made to the statutes or rules pertaining to Notary practices since your last application date.

Journal of Notarial Acts

Notary journals are now required for all notarizations. A Notary may choose to keep a tangible (paper) or electronic journal. Paper journal entries must be made in a permanent, bound journal with numbered pages. An electronic journal must be a permanent, tamper-evident format complying with rules adopted by the Secretary of State. Journal entries, whether performed on paper or electronic records, must be kept sequentially. You'll also need to retain your journal(s) for at least 10 years after the last notarial act was recorded, or transmit them to the Secretary of State, the State Records Officer, or a repository approved by the Secretary of State.

Notary stamp

All Notaries must use an official stamp that complies with the new laws starting January 1, 2022. This includes Notaries with Notary commissions in effect, and Notary seals issued, under the law in force prior to January 1, 2022. For Notaries Public, the required elements on an official Notary stamp have been simplified to only include: your name, your commission number, your commission expiration date and the words, "Notary Public" and "State of New Mexico." For all other notarial officers who are not Notaries Public, the official stamp must include the words, "Notarial Officer" and "State of New Mexico." The new official stamp must be in 10-point type and cannot include an image of the New Mexico state seal. If you are applying for a Notary commission on or after January 1, 2022, you'll need to submit an image of your seal to the Secretary of State before performing your first notarial act. Notaries with commissions in effect on January 1, 2022 have until June 1, 2022, to file the image of your new official stamp. You may want to order your new stamp early, so you won't miss any opportunities to provide your Notary services in January.

New Mexico Notary seal requirements

New notarial act and certificates

Notaries are authorized to perform a new form of copy certification. The new law allows a Notary to certify as a true copy a paper printout of an electronic record.

New Mexico requires Notaries to complete a notarial certificate at the time of the notarization. The following elements must be included in each notarial certificate:

  • The jurisdiction in which the notarial act is performed
  • The title of the notarial officer
  • The Notary Public's commission number and date of expiration of the Notary's commission

The new law has repealed the statutory certificate forms for each notarial act and replaced them with new certificate forms. You can find the new short form certificates on the New Mexico Secretary of State website. If you're an NNA member, you can access these certificates for free in your account.

Remote online notarization

New Mexico also authorized remote online notarization (RON). Before you get started, you must apply to the Secretary of State and include the name of the communication technology approved by the Secretary you want to use. You'll also need to take a separate training class and pass a separate exam on remote online notarization. You must get an electronic seal and a digital certificate and provide a sample of your seal to the Secretary. You can learn more about becoming a remote online Notary in New Mexico in this step-by-step guide.

Commission qualifications

New Mexico now requires applicants for a Notary commission to either be U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents of the U.S. Non-residents of New Mexico may now apply for a Notary Public commission. Non-residents must have a place of employment within the state.

All Notaries must continue to hold a $10,000 Notary bond and take an oath of office.

Rachel Fraser is the Content Marketing Specialist at the National Notary Association.

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Mary Jo Motgomery

04 Jan 2022

I lost my notecard about having to take Notary training. Can I still take the notary training? How can I get a new seal? THank you. My current notary expires on May 12, 2022 (#1093402).

National Notary Association

05 Jan 2022

Hello. If you are taking your training through the NNA, please contact our Customer Care team at and they should be able to assist you.

Robin Duke

06 Jan 2022

How do I get the new required stamp?

National Notary Association

08 Apr 2022

Hello. You can purchase a New Mexico Notary stamp through the NNA here:


13 Jan 2022



28 Jan 2022


Francheska Hendrickson

09 Mar 2022

I became a notary in August 2021. I received my journal, my new stamp and submitted a copy of my certificate to national notary email. What else do I need to do?

National Notary Association

11 Mar 2022

Hello. Please contact our Customer Care team at and they can assist you with your next steps.

Cristina Dominguez

02 Jun 2022

Why do GSD employee's, NOT have to take the test. They are just getting them. I DO NOT think this is fair! Please have the Governor look into this, as they are not complying.


03 May 2023

If my ex employer paid for my seal and everything I needed to get my notary, are they able to keep my notary book & stamp if I decide to leave the business?

National Notary Association

04 May 2023

Hello. To help us answer your question, can you please confirm what state you are commissioned in?

Tabatha Ritchie

17 May 2023

I completed my exam and have received my certificate by the state of New Mexico and have not yet received my stamp. I have submitted a email for help and no response and there had been I can't get through through the customer service line either

National Notary Association

19 May 2023

Hello. We're sorry for any difficulty you've had contacting us. We've forwarded your request to a senior manager at Customer Care and someone should be following up with you shortly.

S. Miller

19 Jun 2023

Do I need to wait for anything to come back after sending proof of my stamp to the SOS?

National Notary Association

18 Jul 2023

After submitting your application to the state, you will receive your commission certificate, officially completing the Notary process.

27 Oct 2023

I ordered a stamp for New Mexico, it didn’t come with the eagle seal and the web through the state website saids a state seal is now required but the one I got doesn’t have it. Which is the correct one?

National Notary Association

31 Oct 2023

Hello. A New Mexico Notary Public's seal must contain the following (NMSA 14-14A-16 and NMAC 1. Name of Notary; 2. The title “Notary Public” 3, “State of New Mexico”; 4. Notary Public commission number; 5. Notary Public commission expiration date 6. Official Notary seal (the official New Mexico state seal)

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