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Can Signing Agents print out loan documents all at the same size?

Can I print all the loan documents I receive all at the same size, or do I need to have a printer that can print different paper sizes? — S.B., Florida

The documents should be printed in the size they were sent to you.  If you aren’t sure, we recommend contacting your contracting company to confirm exactly what they require.  If they are not printed in the correct size, the title company or lender may not accept them and you may be asked to reprint them and return to the borrowers to have the documents re-signed and notarized.  Most likely, this would be at your expense. 

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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Byron Law

15 Nov 2021

I have one platform whose docs launch in a browser window (vs a PDF viewer). Printing from Chrome does not provide means to use both trays. I am former IT, and if there is a way, I cannot find it. There is a Use Print Dialog option, but it launches the old Windows print dialog and it too does not have the means to print from two trays. Even printing to PDF coverts all pages to Letter. So they simply get everything printed on Letter, like it or not. So far, they have not complained.


15 Nov 2021

I bought Page Separator software. There Was a special for encryption software, $50 + $20 once in awhile I down documents and don't have INet later but I can still separate without going to Notary Rotary. It take less than 5 seconds to separate Letter from Legal. You open the separated files and it saves to same folder For you.

Joe Ewing

15 Nov 2021



15 Nov 2021

I have been Lucky I only have a single tray printer and usually print on legal size. Unless it states letter size. So far it has worked out. I honestly feel Legal size is better because it is easier to find the signature lines that are hidden in between a lot of wording. But of course once you get used to the documents it should be like second nature. (Just my thoughts)...

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