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Can I charge a "service fee" along with my Notary fee?

I am involved with several Notary groups on Facebook. Some Notaries in these groups charge a service fee in addition to the regular notarization fee. Someone recently posted that it's against the law to charge a service fee in Pennsylvania. Can you or can you not charge one?D.G., Pennsylvania

The statute says, “A notary public may not charge or receive a notary public fee in excess of the fee fixed by the department” (57 Pa.C.S. 329.1[b]).

The following appears on the Department of State’s website: “Notaries public may charge a clerical or administrative fee for services they have provided related to the notarial act, such as copying documents, postage, travel and telephone calls. These clerical or administrative fees are not set by the Department. Such clerical or administrative fees must be customary and reasonable for the geographic area and for the service rendered. Customers should be informed prior to the notarization of a document if a clerical fee is being charged in addition to the notary public fees. The customer's receipt should itemize these fees. Clerical and administrative fees, if charged, must be separately itemized in the notary journal.”

This description states a clerical fee must be customary and reasonable for the service rendered. While the Department does not present an exhaustive list, it does mention a fee for copying documents, postage, travel, and telephone calls specifically, but does not mention a “service fee.” You would be safest not charging a service fee for each notarial act.

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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Della Steele

24 Aug 2021

Have you heard of an I-9 form for a remote hiring where you represent the company and verify the person they’re hiring remotely? Am I allowed to notarize this? I’m in TEXAS. It’s very involved and lengthily. Copies required also. What do I charge?

National Notary Association

27 Aug 2021

Hello. Please see this article for more information:


14 May 2022

Notarizing an I-9 is equivalent to notarizing your own signature. One may act as an authorized representative by only signing the I-9. This is the policy of The UPS Stores after the legal department of The UPS Stores, Inc. informed franchisees not to perform actual notary services for I-9 forms. Generally, we seek permission to act as authorized representative from their new employer.

Darcie Mager

07 Sep 2022

I just left a UPS store where I had my signature notarized. I’ve been caught at a number of times it’s eight dollars every time she hast to sign her name and put a seal there and it’s five dollars per witness. So I went and it cost me $18 Which is fine. When I left the store because she was rather rude and demanded to see all of the pages of the document being signed which I don’t really think was any of her damn business and she’s only notarizing my signature, I looked at the receipt and I got charged for each of the witnesses the notary fee was five dollars and then they gave me a notary convenience charge ? When I had asked her in there why she was looking at my document she says because I have to verify that all the pages are here. This seems a little invasive for me I just like to know what’s the scoop here please?

National Notary Association

07 Sep 2022

Hello. As a general practice, the Notary should only review the document to confirm that it is complete, does not include any blank spaces or missing pages, or to note any information required by state law for the journal entry (such as the type of document or document date in some states). For more information on Notary privacy practices, please see here:


17 Sep 2022

Hello, Can a Clerical or Administrative fee be charged in the state of Florida?

National Notary Association

06 Oct 2022

No. Additional fees – including administrative and/or clerical fees may not be charged.

Dianna Mulligan

24 Oct 2022

Is a "convenience fee" of $19 a customary fee to charge during normal business hours between 8am - 5pm just because they are a 24 hour notary company?

National Notary Association

31 Oct 2022

Hello. To help us answer your question, can you please tell us what state the business is located in?


20 Dec 2022

In NJ, the notary fee is $2.50 but my local UPS store charges $2.50 + $2.50 for "clerical fee" and without advanced notice. The store did not have to do any clerical work such as copying, calling on the phone or anything. I just need someone to witness my signature. UPS Stored was involved in class action suit in 2020 for charging $15 for notary service and now charging $5.00. Is this legal?

National Notary Association

11 Jan 2023

New Jersey law indicates that fees charged by a Notary Public are fixed by the New Jersey State Treasurer. The law does not have allowances for administrative or clerical fees. Specifically, the law reads as follows: Maximum Fees Effective October 20, 2021, the fees for administering oaths, taking affidavits, taking proofs of a deed, and taking acknowledgements shall be fixed by the State Treasurer by regulation (NJSA 22A:4-14). NJAC 17:50-1.18 authorizes notarial officers, including Notaries Public, to collect the following fees: For administering oaths, taking affidavits, taking proofs of a deed, and taking acknowledgments, $2.50. For administering oaths, taking affidavits, taking proofs of a deed, and taking acknowledgments of the grantors in the transfer of real estate, regardless of the number of such services performed in a single transaction to transfer real estate, $15.00. For administering oaths, taking affidavits, and taking acknowledgments of the mortgagors in the financing of real estate, regardless of the number of such services performed in a single transaction to finance real estate, $25.00.

Chris Cappannelli

27 Dec 2022

Reference administrative/clerical fees in the State of Florida, is there guidance as to what might constitute such a fee? Also, what about a convenience/travel fee for mobile notary services? What about convenience fees for remote online notary services? These are very confusing areas, and one can get into serious trouble for misinterpretation.

National Notary Association

27 Dec 2022

Hello. In Florida, “The fee of a notary public may not exceed $10 for any one notarial act under this part, except as provided in [FS] s. 117.045 (i.e., rite of matrimony fee) or [FS] s. 117.275 (online notarization fees)” (FS 117.05[2][a] and RMN). “An online notary public or the employer of such online notary public may charge a fee, not to exceed $25, for performing an online notarial act under this part. Fees for services other than notarial acts, including the services of a [remote online notarization] service provider, are not governed by this section. A [remote online notarization] service provider’s services are also not considered closing services, as defined in [FS] s. 627.7711, and a fee for those services may be separately charged” (FS 117.275).

Joshua Reed

04 Jan 2023

In Washington State are service fees allowed?

National Notary Association

11 Jan 2023

Hello. In Washington state, a Notary Public may charge the actual costs of copying any instrument or record (WAC 308-30-220[4]). “A notary may charge a travel fee when traveling to perform a notarial act if: “(a) The notary and the individual requesting the notarial act agree upon the travel fee in advance of the travel; and “(b) The notary explains to the individual requesting the notarial act that the travel fee is in addition to the notarial fee in subsection (1) of [WAC 308-30-220] and is not required by law” (WAC 308-30- 0220[5]).


21 Feb 2023

Hello. I'm in the state of Kentucky. If I notarize a document for X amount. I do it from 8am-5pm. If I want to do it after hours (after 5pm) or before hours (before 8am). Can I charge a higher amount?

National Notary Association

27 Feb 2023

Hello. Kentucky does not set a maximum fee schedule for notarizations. The state provides the following guidelines for charging fees: “For a notarial act relating to a tangible or electronic record, or for an electronic notarization, a notary public may charge a fee: “(a) In compliance with KRS 64.300; and “(b) Which has been clearly disclosed to the person requesting the service in advance” (KRS 423.425[1]). “Compensation for services provided by a notary public which do not constitute notarial acts is not governed by this section” (KRS 423.430[2]). “No fee or compensation shall be allowed or paid for affixing the jurat of a notary public to any application, affidavit, certificate or other paper necessary to be filed in support of any claim for the benefits of federal legislation for any person or his dependents who has served as a member of the National Guard or a reserve component or as an active member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps of the United States” (KRS 64.300).

Christopher Fishkin

24 Mar 2023

In addition to the notary fee prescribed by law, in N.Y. and in Alabama can a remote notary charge a fee or surcharge for the video conference call, separate from the notary fee designated in the notary law? New York and Alabama appear to be silent on their Dept. of State sites. Does silence mean that fees or surcharges for video conferencing, administrative or mobile traveling costs are no prohibited?

National Notary Association

05 May 2023

Notary fees are prescribed by law in both New York and Alabama. Additional charges for video conferencing, administrative fees etc. are prohibited by law. Travel fees are not listed in New York or Alabama law. Since the traveling fees are separate from the Notarial act, the fees charged are between you and your client.


08 Jul 2023

In Texas , are the administrative fees allowed?

National Notary Association

07 Aug 2023

No. You may only charge the fee prescribed by law. If the Notary is traveling to meet the signer, the Notary may charge a travel fee that is agreed upon by the Notary and the signer.

16 Aug 2023

In Michigan, can a separate platform or identity proofing fee be charged for RON? I am not understanding how RON platforms are charging $25+ for a single stamp notarizations, when the fee stated in the MI law is $10.

National Notary Association

21 Aug 2023

Hello. In Michigan, “The fee charged by a notary public for performing a notarial act shall not be more than $10.00 for any individual transaction or notarial act” (MCL 55.285[7]). “A notary public shall either conspicuously display a sign or expressly advise a person concerning the fee amount to be charged for a notarial act before the notary public performs the act” (MCL 55.285[7]). '“Before the notary public commences to travel in order to perform a notarial act, the notary public and client may agree concerning a separate travel fee to be charged by the notary public for traveling to perform the notarial act” (MCL 55.285[7]).

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