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Notaries, Be Sure To Use COVID-19 Safety Precautions

COVID-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate across the country, and the NNA urges all Notaries to use safety precautions to avoid risk of infection when meeting with signers for notarizations. These precautions include wearing a mask when meeting in person with signers, practicing safe social distancing as much as possible during notarizations, and following health safety instructions from local and state health officials.

The links below have additional COVID-19 information and suggested safety recommendations for Notaries:

3 Things Notaries Should Avoid During COVID-19

State Temporary And Emergency COVID-19 Measures Affecting Notaries

Additional Notary Bulletin COVID-19 Articles

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Lee Trahan

08 Dec 2020

The link to the article “3 Things a Notary Should Avoid...” doesn’t work.

National Notary Association

08 Dec 2020

We've fixed the link. Thank you for letting us know!

Dawn Batts

14 Dec 2020

Can a Notary do a virtual notary appointment do to Covid?

National Notary Association

15 Dec 2020

Hello. Many states have issued temporary authorizations for Notaries to perform alternatives to in-person physical notarizations during the COVID-19 emergency. For more information, please see here: and

Jordan Crane

09 Mar 2021

Is the NNA using its standing and influence within the Sec of State's office to prioritize Mobile Notaries and NSAs in the vaccine priority? We are as front line as it gets, we perform an essential service, and we travel to homes, businesses, hospitals and other risky situations. I know the State establishes guidelines. Has the NNA taken a position or lobbied in any fashion?

National Notary Association

09 Mar 2021

Hello. Please be aware that vaccination schedules are set by local and state health agencies, and are not determined by the Secretary of State's office. Priority for vaccinations varies from region to region, and is based on a number of factors apart from profession including chronic health conditions, and your local or state health agency is the best source to contact if you have questions about your vaccination status. The NNA urges all Notaries to follow health safety instructions from local and state health officials, strongly supports the use of personal protective gear such as masks by Notaries and signers during in-person assignments, and urges Notaries to decline or reschedule assignments if you are aware of a potential health risk, such as the Notary or signer feeling unwell or having symptoms of illness prior to an appointment.

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