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Common Mistakes To Avoid With A Notary Mentor

Problem-Signing-resized.jpgBelow are some common mistakes to avoid when requesting help from a Notary mentor

1. Don’t take your Notary mentor’s time for granted.

Selecia Young-Jones said it’s important to remember that a volunteer mentor has their own work to do. “You have to realize they may be busy, too, and ask yourself: ‘Do I really need to bother them?’”

2. Don’t expect your Notary mentor to provide you with free business contacts.

A mentor can provide invaluable help in learning proper notarization procedures — but don’t assume they will hand business to you on a silver platter. A mentor is not obligated to share their customer contacts with you or guarantee you paid Notary appointments. Their guidance will help you launch your business, but it’s your responsibility to find your customers and assignments.

3. Do not ask to accompany your Notary mentor on loan-signing assignments.

While this is a common request, it is not an appropriate one because allowing a mentee to see a signer’s loan documents is a potential violation of the signer’s privacy.

“Allowing someone to ride along for a signing is a huge no-no,” said Mark Wills of Loan Signing System. “Signing Agents sometimes forget about issues like a trainee seeing the borrower’s Social Security number or other private data.”

A more appropriate way is to for the mentor and mentee to meet in person and go through mock signings using sample documents that do not include genuine customer information.

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Nikki Martin

16 Dec 2020

I’m looking for a Notary Mentor

National Notary Association

18 Dec 2020

Hello. Please see this article for more information;

Ellen Finley

22 Nov 2021

I've mentored people only to have them take my business away. Now I won't mentor anyone unless they're in another city.

15 Jan 2023

I've just purchased a new laser printer and would like to test it out to make certain that it will print both legal and letter size paper in a loan package. Is there a sample loan package I can print from the NNA site? if not, where can I find the docs to print? Thank you,

National Notary Association

17 Jan 2023

Hello. We're sorry, but we do not offer sample loan packages on our website for printer test purposes.

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